Film - Done In

Steve Taylor-Bryant wonders what you can actually achieve in an 8 minute film as he watches Done In from Adam Stephen Kelly...

8 minutes? It's only 8 minutes long? And I can't include spoilers?

The answer to all three questions was yes so I set about my task wondering if I would be able to make enough characters to even review this film in a single tweet. EIGHT minutes? Seriously though, it happens you can do a lot in 8 minutes of film, especially with an actor as gifted as Guy Henry. My children know of Guy through Harry Potter, I personally know of him due to my guilty pleasure that is Holby City so to see what he could do away from wizards and medicine in 8 minutes was special.

The writing and directing of Adam Stephen Kelly first. Atmospheric does not really do the film justice but I am still lost for adequate words. Silent, empty room shots. Pictures and clocks. In fact it is a whole minute before a character even graces the screen, that's an eighth of the film! But when it starts it is an emotional journey. Sitting writing a suicide note, narrating as he goes is Guy Henry's distinct voice. Full of gravitas yet light on the ear. Memories of the dear wife, grammar school, and a message to his beloved son Harry to enjoy the wealth coming his way and know his parents will be watching over him. I will be honest, at 4 1/2 minutes I was weeping like a baby. Whether this was because of a recent loss I had suffered? I can't be sure it wasn’t, but I honestly think it was the look in Guy Henry's eyes. You didn't need a narration to know what was happening. And then, just as you are settled into the emotional turmoil and as prepared as you can be...

Holy crap! Go watch this film!

Image - Adam Stephen Kelly.