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Lorenzo Sportiello’s debut film ‘Index Zero’ starring Simon Merrells and Ana Ularu, will make its International premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival...

Index Zero, starring Simon Merrells (Spartacus; War of the Damned) and Ana Ularu, (Serena, The Borgias) will make its International premiere as part of the official selection at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June.

In the year 2035, Kurt and Eve were born in the Wastelands over the United States of Europe barrier. She is pregnant and, in order to provide a future for their child, they try to enter Europe illegally. On entering this Brave New World, an 'Index of Sustainability' is given to each citizen, calculated on their personal productivity. Here a pregnant woman is considered ‘not sustainable’ so she must be expelled.

Simon Merrells, currently filming Dominion 2 for NBC, is well known for his portrayal of Marcus Licinius Crassus in Spartacus: War of the Damned, as well as The Tomorrow People and Wolfman. Ana Ularu, as well as winning the shooting star award for Outbound, also starred in Serena and in Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth, and is now shooting a major feature film for Columbia Pictures.

Index Zero is the award winning director Lorenzo Sportiello’s first feature. In this film, he co-wrote the screenplay, the soundtrack and the visual effects. The Hollywood Reporter says “Index Zero might serve as the prequel to a bigger-budget, Hollywood-sponsored Film Number One.” This exciting film is co-written by Lorenzo Sportiello, Claudio Corbucci, Francesco Cioce.

Index Zero plays at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 20th June and 21st June at Cineworld, Edinburgh.

Image - Index Zero
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