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Steve Taylor-Bryant marks the deaths of two cinematic greats...

I was sitting in the plush surroundings of the /G-f offices this morning writing some inconsequential articles poking fun at Hollywood and lamenting the erosion of my childhood when I was notified that Ron Moody had passed. Before I had time to get on social networking to tell people of the loss I felt, I was hit with the news that Christopher Lee had also left us. Devastated doesn't quite sum up the thoughts of those of us here who spent our formative years immersed in the work of two true greats of the screen and I certainly don't think I personally have anything to add to the tributes that are pouring out in the press and social media. My thoughts and love, of course, go to the families of the stars and I hope they find a small crumb of comfort in how loved the men were by the world.

However I do want to end by recommending two films, one from each screen great that I think you'll enjoy if you just want to remember them or if you are new to their body of work and wish to know more. For Christopher Lee there are so many I could name from Hammer Horror to James Bond but I'm selecting The Wicker Man. Lord Summerisle will forever be embedded in my mind along with the performance of another great in Edward Woodward. For Ron Moody I could suggest Oliver! or Summer Holiday, both classic films, but may I suggest the gangster film Moussaka and Chips instead?

Mourn their loss by all means but also celebrate the greatness we still have in their legacy of films in our popular culture and may peace be with you all.

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