Documentary - The Banksy Job

The Banksy Job

An Indiegogo campaign is in its final week for directors Dylan Harvey and Ian Roderick Gray’s Banksy heist thriller featuring Art terrorist AK47...

The Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for Ipso Facto Production’s feature documentary “The Banksy Job” is in its final week. The campaign page can be found here.

Part heist movie, part documentary, part of a globally united movement of art and political humourism, it will feature art terrorist AK47, the charismatic leader of an underground global network of arto-political terrorists calling themselves Art Kieda. Debut feature directors Dylan Harvey and Ian Gray take the helm.

In March 2004, the artist known as Banksy illegally erects a ten-foot statue known as ‘The Drinker’ in a small square off Shaftsbury Avenue in central London. Then, in broad daylight, masked thieves cart the statue away, a reporter from a national newspaper receives a ransom note, and the most famous street artist in the world is left very unhappy indeed. The culprit was AK47, and this is the story of what happened next.

Friend or Enemy

Dylan Harvey and Ian Roderick Gray said, “This is one of those stories you can’t quite believe is true which is what makes it so interesting. The theft and destruction of the statue, the artists, gangsters, and AK47’s private anarchist army, and then there are the struggling artists, still waiting to get paid for building the statue. We see this as the opportunity to push the boundaries of documentary film-making, by looking at street art from this unique perspective, and this very specific new phenomenon of going up against the Banksy Machine.”

Producers Christine Alderson and Alex Hurle of Ipso Facto Production’s said “The great thing about this project is that we don’t know where it’s going to go next. With AK47’s plans to rebuild the statue and sell it as a Banksy original, our third act is yet to be written, and that is an exciting prospect.”

AK47’s message is clear, "Through elaborate stunts, Art Kieda’s global network exists to highlight the onslaught of corporate sponsored faeces that we are subjected and expected to buy into on a daily basis."

The Banksy Job is one such stunt.

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