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Criminal Activity Report

The Defective Inspector is back in the offices of /G-f to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report. Here is October's file...

Autumn has arrived and my constant vigilance takes a slightly more frosty approach. Despite Halloween being the main focus on this leaf falling and progressively fallow time of year I outright refuse to fall into the cliché. The world keeps turning, games keep being made and people need me help to spread the word. Granted they never asked… But that only makes me a proactive commercial stalker.


The people of RuneScape have a place in my childhood and to know the classic internet game has thrived turns my cold heart warm again. But it seems they are ready to take a new step, DarkScape. Whats that you say? A PvP action genre while also supporting the internet veteran Jagex? Sounds like the perfect start to my report! Good luck Jagex, I genuinely hope it’s a smash hit! 

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Who remembers Crystal Maze? ME! Who doesn’t know what Crystal Maze is? Lesser folk! Why is this relevant? SIMPLE! “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” has announced itself onto Steam but not only that, it has Oculus Rift DK2 support. What does that mean basically? It means virtual reality Richard O’Brien-esque bomb explosions. REALLY hard not to love that idea, it really really is. I never knew who Steel Crate Games were until now, after doing this I’ll be assigning a tracking device on your car any day now. 


P.A.M.E.L.A., it’s not just a way to spell a beautiful name but also a beautiful concept. It’s been described as a horror survival game but the website screen shots scream so much more. The devious indie creators NVYVE Studios officially got their greenlight on Steam, this may not seem like a big deal but for any small team to achieve what they have deserve recognition. I just wanted to take a moment to say well done people! If you want to see what was worth greenlighting then you need to click here and let your jaw hit the floor. 

Prison Architect

Despite this being a little “old news” by the time this article is published I want to raise a digital glass to Introversion Software. Prison Architect is complete, no more Alpha/Beta for this title. My greatest regret is I won’t see any more monthly YouTube video, however that game has brought hours of joy so I suppose we’re even. I feel genuine pride for the people at Introversion and I felt they needed a mention, well done guys and gals, I look forward to seeing what else you have for us in the future. 

The Dark Inside Me

One thing I’ve decided to do in my illustrious role is provide a crowd funding project every month. This month I bring you something very NSFW, The Dark Inside Me. I hate to admit this is my investment of the month because it’s a cliché to recommend a horror title in October but it genuinely looks great. Not only that but it’s being created alongside a man who knows the horror genre; Akçay Karaazmak. To top that off you can try the alpha to feel the game play pre-investment! So click here, get involved, you won’t be sorry. You might be scarred but not sorry… 

And that’s it ladies and gentleman, I close my report for another month. Remember if you have your own project you want mentioned, put it up for consideration in the comments below.

Image - Steam (Prison Architect, Keeping Talking and Nobody Explodes), KickStarter (The Dark Inside Me), and
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