Tribute - Alan Rickman

The Defective Inspector imagines the characters of Alan Rickman in his mind's eye...

It seems the musical world has taken a break for a few days and opened the doors to the afterlife to those on the silver screen. In moments like these I like to think about how every piece this particular actor has done would interlink. This is what I saw in my mind’s eye…

Alan Rickman walks the path towards the afterlife, while wandering down he spots Hans Gruber being dragged kicked and screaming into a fairly molten location being mocked by a Sheriff of Nottingham who states “because it’s hot you twit it’ll hurt more.” Ignoring the lesser mortals he continues his journey. Approaching the greater world gates he can spot Snape, Alexander Dane, Marvin and even Eamon De Valera chatting amongst each other emanating in a strange frequency mumble that can only be defined as “Rickmanish”. Ignoring the muffled chaos he is welcomed by the Metatron, the gates are opened and finally he finds a place where no cancer can touch him.

I genuinely hope I don’t have to imagine any more in January at least… but at least he’ll have good company.

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