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Now that Deadpool is probably Steve Taylor-Bryant's favourite Ryan Reynolds film, he brings you his Ryan Reynolds top 5 other films...

I'm a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. I can't help it. There is just something about the guy that I find impossible to hate. More than most actors, except possibly Tom Cruise, I'll forgive him a poor project because, when he gets it right, he's just awesome. Yes, Green Lantern was a dire piece of something or other but I never thought "I hope he doesn't do any more superhero films," on the contrary, I wanted him to! I wanted him to bury that mistake and show it was just a blip and, in Deadpool, I've found a superhero film I'm genuinely excited to see and, from the incredible marketing for the film, which is possibly the best marketing of any film ever, I've found myself going quite giddy when Reynolds is on screen. Which brings me to this article and what I've been doing whilst I wait impatiently for the 'merc with the mouth' to land in my local cinema; I've been watching my favourite Ryan Reynolds films. Some are just incredible, some are just divisive, but these five are my favourites and show Reynolds really does have screen presence, a sense of humour and undeniable acting chops...

Van Wilder

5 - Van Wilder: Party Liaison

Van Wilder: Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

To Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds), college doesn't get you ready for life, it is life. So when his father puts a stop to his cash flow, it looks like the party might finally be over for Van.

smokin aces

4 - Smokin' Aces

Richard Messner: You said someone came up to you as an FBI agent?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And then you saw him get on the elevator wearing a security guard outfit?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And THAT doesn't seem odd to you?

Buddy 'Sarah Aces' Israel (Jeremy Piven) is a comedic Vegas magician who has informed on an important mobster. The call goes in from the mobster that a million bucks goes to anyone who cuts Buddy's heart out and the FBI intercept the call. Aces is put under the protection of agents Carruthers and Messner (Ray Liotta and Ryan Reynolds) who squirrel the magician away in his own Tahoe retreat. Pretty soon there ain't a hotel room to be had in Tahoe as a parade of hit men, bounty hunters and, generally, a rogues' gallery of miscreants descend, locked in the chase to be the one to off the corrupt conjurer. Aces is soon wishing he could disappear up his own sleeve and the two hapless agents are no way prepared for an onslaught of this level. Also stars Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, and musicians Alicia Keys, Common and the great Wayne Newton - Mr. Vegas himself.

The Nines

3 - The Nines

Gary: Um, I'm kind of having a medical situation. I don't have a belly button.

A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.

2 - Buried

Paul Conroy: I need one million dollars by nine o'clock tonight or I'll be left to die in this coffin!

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an American driver contracted to deliver supplies to soldiers in Iraq. After an attack by an Iraqi resistance group, Paul wakes to find himself buried alive inside a coffin with only his mobile phone and a cigarette lighter. With only 90 minutes' worth of oxygen between him and certain death, Paul's worst enemies become intermittent reception and a rapidly draining battery as he engages in a desperate and tightly-confined battle for survival.

The Voices

1 - The Voices

Bosco: What's the matter, buddy?
Jerry Hickfang: What am I supposed to do?
Bosco: I do not know.
Mr. Whiskers: The same as always, pretend everything's fine.
Jerry Hickfang: Really?
Mr. Whiskers: Well, it got you this far, didn't it?
Jerry Hickfang: I guess so.

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is an affable singleton who works on the factory floor at a bathtub factory, ever eager to get along with his co-workers, especially Fiona (Gemma Arterton) and Lisa (Anna Kendrick) from accounts. After work Jerry goes home to his pet cat, Mr. Whiskers, and loyal dog Bosco, where the three of them hang out, watch TV and discuss the day's events. When one night he accidentally kills Fiona, Jerry hastily covers his tracks, under the strict advice of the subversive Mr. Whiskers. But Jerry is already beyond the reach of his well-meaning psychiatrist Dr. Warren (Jacki Weaver) and things are also looking bad for Lisa, who has taken a shine to Jerry. Despite Bosco trying to keep Jerry on the straight and narrow, Mr. Whiskers seems to be the loudest voice in Jerry s head and soon events have spiraled and salvation is all Jerry can hope for.

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