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Defective Inspector Gaming report

The Defective Inspector bounces into the /G-f office like a white rabbit with a chocolate rush to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report. Here is March's file...

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! My date to be precise! I'm just over a week late with this monthly update due to the horribly persistent “real world”. After I curse the darkness away with a digital game flash light I started to write my glorious piece of gaming news. I’ve wasted enough time as it is…. Let us crack on!

101 Ways to Die
Almost any game where you must be evil gets approval in my books. There is so much fun in being the bad guy without a prison sentence, so ‘101 Ways to Die’ satisfies that sadistic streak we all secretly have. By creating some of the most convoluted trap combinations possible you become the unlikely creator of a concept I call “Little Bit-Dead Planet”. It’s available on PC and Xbox already and soon will slide onto the PS4. Click here now, thank me later.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Ever wanted to write a story but lack the basic creative skills? Well I know I do, so when I saw Epistory appear I got a little bit giddy. It’s not so much writing your own story but unfolding one in a very literal sense while riding a red origami giant fox. You play as the metaphorical muse so many creative souls crave and frankly I find that take on things interesting enough to consider. Sadly it’s not fully released until the end of March, but that’s never stopped an early access

Stand Up For GamesAid

As Sports Relief begins to fold away in the UK GamesAid continues its great work. What is GamesAid? Simple, a registered UK charity which acknowledges the power of the gaming community to raise money for other charities of all shapes and sizes. One event, Stand Up for GamesAid, is happening in the next few months, hence why I am mentioning it now. This charity should be well known for those who skulk around Humble Bundle but if you want to know more in general watch Imran Yusuf tell us more! Something to consider during your next humble bundle purchase.

IGF Award Winners

For those of you who… Well look at anything I write… You’ll know the IGF Indie awards have finally happened and the results are in. I’ve only reported my suspected winners but the actual super official winners are finally announced. I played the grand prize winner… I really liked it… But I am also a bit bitter one of my favourites didn’t win anything. Curious enough yet?

Camp sunshine

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: Camp Sunshine

Digging through crowdfunding projects is dirty work, mainly because finding something a little bit different is difficult… But not this month. Camp Sunshine is the beautiful idea to create a 16-bit horror RPG for the retro gamer in all of us. Initially I was sceptical, how can a 16-bit game make me soil myself? AH! Did you forget all that creepy pasta based around 16-bit games? Exactly… Let your inner demons come out and play and remember to sleep with one eye open!

BUT WAIT! The project is already funded? Why ask for help now? Rather simple, the target was insulting low! The creators deserves more and you can give it to them! It’s also a new developer and that’s the sort of stuff we love ay /Garbage-file. So get involved already! Also it’s a UK based games company so I gotta respect my Britannia Brotha…

And that’s it for March! Sorry for the delay, my other life got a bit uppity and it doesn’t like to be ignored. Hopefully it won’t happen again! I rush away now to do… Things and… Stuff….

Images are from Steam, and Kickstarter/Indiegogo
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