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Spring is in the air and a young Defective Inspector's fancy turns to... well, here's his monthly report for April...

Someone told me recently that spring has sprung. I say someone TOLD me because I have been trapped in this room for a good month now. Between the tasty Let’s Play debut and the constant suppression of my psychopathic impulses I’ve been a very busy man! Putting my energy into the gaming news keeps me off the global news you know, I do this for YOU.

I want to be human

I Want To Be Human

First thing that drew me to this game? The title, I can relate to it on a core level. Then I found out it was about a vampire girl, hat boy and a bloodthirsty rampage of death, now I can relate to it on MANY MORE LEVELS. Recently spilling its literal guts on Steam ‘I Want To Be Human’ has brought the arcade side scrolling shotgun slaughter to our screens while applying the musical influence of MSI’s very own Jimmy Urine. Now if that doesn’t get you curious I don’t know what will

Freeze this is the police

Freeze! This Is The Police

Back when I called myself ‘The Perfect Gentlemen’ I recommended a Kickstarter for a game called ‘Freeze! This Is The Police’. Despite the fact my alter ego had a rather self-important name I find myself looking back fondly knowing that soon it shall be released. It’s a fantastic adventure game where morals well and truly guide your journey. You must balance the corruption of the law, the safety of your people and your own fragile state of mind. It’s due out in summer 2016 but til then, take in the new trailer!

Trapdoor Technologies and Pathfinder

Anyone a Pathfinder RPG Fan? I know I am! When I am not typing my thoughts onto the digital stone or reading through hundreds of articles I like to pretend I am a Half-Elf Wizard who is slightly unhinged and pretends to be a fish. Soon I shall be able to merge my digital desires with this gaming mechanic as Trapdoor Technology has the license to make a fully-fledged playbook app for this magnificent franchise. It’s all early days but it’s something worth watching over don’t you agree?


PAX East

Sadly living in the UK means I miss moments like this. PAX East is one of the heavy hitting gaming conventions which have been known to host some of the tastiest titles the world has to offer. I’ve spoken to a few Indie Developers and they appear to be coming out in droves! Show your support if you are across the pond and talk to the people who make games worth gaming! Also there is cosplaying and let’s be honest everyone wants to see a 10 foot Styrofoam Chaos Space Marine!


Crowdfunding Project of the Month: Fear Effect Sedna

Holy crap biscuits did you feel that level of nostalgia? It’s overwhelming my brain to see the return of Fear Effect. Not familiar? Well it was a PS1 exclusive survival horror game which really broadened the genre out, provided clever puzzles and rather morally questionably characters. It was set to return almost 14 years ago but, like many things in the early millennium, disappeared during the savage streamlining of a larger funding company. Now it seems they are coming back with a vicious vengeance for all of us to enjoy! This franchise return dawns a new game of old school developers stepping into a new age of technology. It’s in OUR hands to bring it back and we should, even if the funding body is based in France… I’m looking at you Manueal Valls….

And that’s it boys and girls! It is time for me to go out into the world and see the sunshine, enjoy the beautiful splendour that is nature! Take in the loc- OH NEW UPDATE FOR DARKEST DUNGEON! See ya later suckas!

Images are from Steam, PAX’s Twitter, Kickstarter and
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