Gaming - Video: Let's Play Factorio

Defective Inspector Let's Play

In the first of what is hopefully many Let's Play videos, the Defective Inspector presents the video evidence for Factorio...

What is Factorio? According to the Defective Inspector, "It’s a micromanagement wet dream, a conveyor belt cacophony and downright enjoyable game. The story behind this game is short, sweet but satisfying. You are a lone official of a large factory focused company who has crashed onto a planet of fairly unknown origins. Using your technical knowhow and logistic prowess you must mine, create, automate and streamline the world around you to escape in a rocket ship. While doing this pint sized industrial revolution you must fight off a hoard of fairly uncertain alien creatures who don’t enjoy you taking a steaming dump on their ecosystem."

Read the rest of the Defective Inspector's review here but only after you've watched the video below!

Image - Factorio
You can buy Factorio from their website or on Steam
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