TV – Arrow Season 4, Episode 16


Steve Taylor-Bryant returns to Star City to find an old adversary is back punishing those in love. Season four continues with Broken Hearts…

Hey, you okay? You look a little more grim than usual.

A kidnapped and bleeding couple and some mad singing can mean only thing… It’s Cupid stupid! Oh and yes she kills the couple. In court Damien Darhk says he is someone else and not a magical criminal mastermind and his lawyer is pushing for dismissal of the case. The judge says that that the District Attorney’s office, or Laurel Lance as we know her, must show they have some evidence against Darhk. Felicity is at the apartment packing and, whilst Oliver is sad they aren’t still engaged, he is very happy that she is doing better physically. Laurel tells the team in the ArrowCave that she has no evidence and wants Felicity as the fiancée of a Mayoral campaigner to take the stand. Felicity has to tell the team she is no longer with Oliver. Diggle talks to Oliver as they attend a crime scene to realise Carrie Cutter/Cupid is back on the scene and killing celebrities in love; apparently Amanda Waller let her out of A.R.G.U.S after doing lots of work for them.

Back in court, Laurel is questioning John Diggle about Damien Darhk but, in cross examination, Darhk’s lawyer brings up Oliver Queen’s lack of money and Thea’s drug habit which destroys John as a credible witness. Captain Lance offers to be a witness but Laurel doesn’t want her dad on the stand. Cupid meanwhile has kidnapped another couple and is driving around with them in their Limo. Green Arrow goes into a warehouse where she is hiding and stops the car before confronting her. He thinks he has her tied up but she manages to escape. Felicity says she understands Cupid’s motives and anti-love crusade and Diggle and Thea want to know why Oliver isn’t trying everything to win Felicity back. With the case going badly, Captain Lance begs Laurel to let him take the stand and tell everyone all the bad stuff he did for Darhk and she relents.

Felicity has discovered that Cupid is hiding out in a warehouse that stores wedding dresses. When the team arrive they discover a shrine and that Felicity and Oliver are her targets meaning they have to go ahead with a wedding to lure her out. Thea says she will leak the news on gossip sites which seems to be the extent of Cupid’s research. Captain Lance takes the stand and lists all the events and thuggery he committed for Damien Darhk and explains to the court that he did it all because Darhk had threatened to have Laurel murdered. On cross examination Darhk’s lawyer can’t come up with anything to take down Captain Lance as he’s risked his career to tell the truth. At the “wedding” of Oliver and Felicity she almost growls her vows whilst Oliver speaks eloquently and romantically about how she has changed his life for the better when Cupid interrupts. She shoots Oliver with an arrow and sets a bomb.

Oliver was wearing Kevlar underneath his tuxedo so survives and gets up just in time to hear Felicity say wonderful things about their love to stop Cupid in her tracks. Diggle and Speedy rush in to stop Cupid and take her down so she can be arrested. Back in court and the judge says the trial will go ahead despite the D.A’s flimsy evidence as she bought into Captain Lance’s testimony. Darhk is remanded to prison without bail. Back in the ArrowCave Felicity tells Oliver she will never marry him and knows that the life he leads will end up with him having to lie to her again. She doesn’t just leave Oliver she quits the team as well. Darhk is put in his cell and removes his magical ring from his mouth and puts it on his finger before giving the camera an evil smile.

Well quite a lot happened this week. There were more flashbacks involving Baron Reiter and the island but, as with other seasons, they aren’t really relevant yet so I’ll get to them another week when I think the storyline there will fit the ongoing story in the modern day world. It was great to see Cupid back, a character I loved when she first appeared, but felt she wasn’t given enough to do and was really just used more as a plot point to explain why Felicity and Oliver won’t be getting married. Seeing Darhk not get out of court scott free though was a nice twist and seeing him incarcerated, albeit seemingly happy, is sure to add another string to that ongoing story. All in all it was solid this week but, as a fan who never really cared much for the Oliver/Felicity love story, the fallout of their relationship didn’t really have an effect on me. If you are a fan of that particular storyline though you are in for a treat. I’ll finish with Captain Lance. To see him suspended for all his actions was inevitable and I’ve known all along why he was helping Darhk, we all have, but Paul Blackthorne’s delivery on the stand was up there as one of his best appearances in the show yet and the definite highlight for me this week.

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