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Titan Books announce the fourth book in the DI Tom Tyler series from Maureen Jennings, Dead Ground in Between...

From the author of the bestselling Murdoch Mysteries series comes a gripping crime thriller featuring DI Tom Taylor, a Great War veteran turned country policeman. Set against the backdrop of war-torn Britain, Dead Ground in Between is an engrossing mystery that will appeal to fans of Ngaio Mash, Kerry Greenwood and Foyle’s War.

It is late 1942, and Detective Inspector Tom Tyler is settling into his placement in Ludlow, Shropshire, which is crowded with evacuees and others fleeing the German bombs. On the town’s outskirts is an Italian PoW camp, whose inmates work on local farms. Fraternizing is forbidden but, as Tyler knows only too well, the human heart has a way of crossing boundaries.

Tyler is kept busy enforcing wartime regulations, until an old man goes missing, and his body is later discovered in a secret hideout supposedly known to very few. What’s more, the two evacuee children who found the body are clearly not telling the whole truth, but when Tyler tries to question them further, they vanish from their foster home. A crime has clearly been committed, but there is no shortage of suspects...

Dead Ground in Between is the fourth standalone book in the DI Tom Tyler series set in Shropshire town of Ludlow.

About the Author
Maureen Jennings emigrated to Canada from the UK at the age of seventeen. Best known for the Murdoch Mysteries series, the TV adaptation of which has been running since 2008, Jennings has also launched a new contemporary series featuring a forensic profiler named Christine Morris. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, two cats and two dogs.

Dead Ground in Between is published  on August 2nd and available to pre-order now.

Image - Titan Books

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