SotD - Saturday Throwback: Extreme, Get the Funk Out

Song of the Day Saturday Throwback is some music from back in the day to kick off your weekend in style. Today Steve Taylor-Bryant Gets the Funk Out with Extreme...

Sometimes life is just too hard. It gives you lemons and, instead of making lemonade, you sting a cut you didn't you know you had or get the juice in your eyes. Getting out of life's little tests sometimes doesn't involve being serious. It doesn't involve something that everyone likes. It involves fun. It involves feeling like a badly controlled muppet as you dance in your kitchen. It involves laughing at yourself, at dragging yourself out of a slump with something you maybe wouldn't consider your first choice in help. It involves going back to 1991. It involves funk. It involves rock. It involves Extreme.

I don't have the easiest life, none of us do, and sometimes I listen to or watch something not considered the norm just so I can switch my head off and try and force the return of a smile.

Sometimes I listen to Extreme... Really fucking loud!

The band themselves were musically adept. Great bass player, great drummer, Gary Cherone had an incredible voice, and Nuno Bettencourt (I'm told by string widdlers) was an exceptional guitarist. They could have been anything they wanted to be and they chose fun. Get The Funk Out from the awesomeness that was Pornograffitti is just fun packed into three minutes. It has groove. It has technical musicians forgetting they're serious for a moment and having a blast. No they aren't the worlds best band but when life gives you lemons sometimes you make a gin and tonic and forget who you are...

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