Gaming - Defective Inspector's Monthly Report: November 2016

The Defective Inspector escapes from his prison to bring us his Criminal Activity Report for November 2016...

The tides of luck have not been in my favour dear sweet reader(s). For almost 3 months I’ve been tucked away in the most depressing place imaginable... a Travel Lodge hotel room. Breaking free from my shackles of 'complimentary toilet roll, shampoo and mattress' I rushed towards my computer once again and embraced it like it was one of my own children. That is why I told it to sit down, shut up and entertain me. MOVING ON!

Killing Floor 2

It’s not often I praise a sequel but Killing Floor 2 has it made. Created by the cockney loving whack-a-doodles of Tripwire Interactive this nightmare fuelled co-op shoot-em-up has won me over. It has been running in Early Access for a few months now but finally the rubber stamp is coming out, more than likely by the time this article is published. While there is no doubt DLC will arrive it’s nice to know that this indie classic is living into its golden years as a sequel of things to come. Get involved now!

The Dwarves

I mentioned this game almost a year ago, recommending it for one of my famous crowd funding favourites and it seems the event has gone full circle as this game is coming out early December 2016. Preparing for the expected Christmas rush King Art Games are reading their shields and showing what true Dwarves are made of. While the date is not concerete as the looming month approaches it seems the KickStarter and the final product are not too different. So I’d Bookmark this page if you were foolish enough not to take my advice the first time!

Gaming Scholarships (Yep, really!)

I like to bring you guys something a bit unusual and I think I’ve nailed it this month. Game Developer’s Conference is partnering up with Global Game Jam for the 3rd time for an annual application session for SCHOLARSHIPS. You read that correctly the joint group are trying to form some sort of opportunity for people/organisations to grow and develop gaming in a variety of ways. All it takes it a little survey, for more info read here!

Oh… Sir!! Again?

Did any of you play the original Oh… Sir!!? It was an odd game designed within less than 48 hours and became somewhat of a hit. Taking the idea forward a bit further Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Vile Monarch joined forces and created a legitimate game based on insulting each other. If, like me, you’ve be training for this moment all your lives then click here you putrid bucket of sloth shavings!

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: Agony

As a general rule I don’t jump on bandwagons, they are often over crowded horrible places but for once I genuinely agree with the group, this is GOOD. Agony is a game that has such a clever take on the over kicked survival horse that it may actually evolve the genre a bit, create something new and exciting to try! Famously Winston Churchill was quoted to of said “When you’re going through hell, keep going” and… Well that’s precisely what this game makes you do. The trailer below is not for the faint hearted and creates a rather visceral experience for the eyes and ears, but that only makes me want it more! Nearing its initial target, thus official backing, this game is worth putting some money on a stick and jabbing into the mouth of the beast. WARNING! This link is NSFW

And that’s it for November! Now I am back in the real world I think I’ll catch up on what I’ve missed for the last 3 months. First of all, THE NEWS! Oh dear...

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