SotD - 90's Week: Guns n Roses

"Give me a subject to write about" said Steve Taylor-Bryant. OK, we said. Cue a 1990's themed week of Song of the Day. Today it's the turn of an NSFW Guns n Roses...

"But I got the time and I got the muscle
I got the need to lay it all on the line
I ain't afraid of your smoke screen hustle
It's a perfect crime
God dammit it's a perfect crime
Mother fucker it's a perfect crime"

One of my favourite bands is next up in my 6 from the 1990's week (read these articles in Kid Jensen's voice and they are more entertaining) and that's the tour de force that is Guns n Roses. They owned the decade. Still riding the commercial wave of Appetite for Destruction, Guns returned in the early 1990's with the double release and endless world tour of Use Your Illusion and, even though there had been behind the scenes tension and some line up changes, Matt Sorum in for Steven Adler, Gilby Clarke on live duties for Izzy Stradlin, and added members like Dizzy Reed, the album was incredible. Everyone has their own favourite side of the album and whilst mine is actually Use Your Illusion II it's the first record I'm picking today's tune from as it's on my most played list so guess I love it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Perfect Crime...

Image - YouTube

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