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There's 10 seconds of new footage in a teaser for the new series of Sherlock...

A new teaser trailer has been released for Series 4 of Sherlock, due to start on next month with an episode called The Six Thatchers, rumoured to be an update on the Conan Doyle story, The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.

The information released so far about the show is giving very little away.

“Why is someone destroying images of the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Is there a madman on the loose? Or is there a much darker purpose at work?"

However, a bit of digging in the official BBC Sherlock website reveals a blog "written" by Dr John Watson a couple of years ago with the same name, The Six Thatchers. Whether this is going to be the same story or not and they've actually given the whole "disappointingly simple" plot away and forgotten they've done it, time will tell.

In the meantime see what you can deduce from the rising waters of this new teaser.

Image - BBC
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