Book - The Killing Bay

Titan Books announce the publication next month of  The Killing Bay by Chris Ould...

“He worked on his knees now as if praying. Darkness and rain, darkness and pain.” 

Following on from his highly successful novel The Blood Strand (Read Susan's review of that book), BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Chris Ould takes us back to the beautiful and remote Faroe Islands for another sinister tale of deceit, betrayal and murder as English DI Jan Reyna continues to explore his ties to the island he left as a child.

In the second book in his absorbing and lyrical Nordic crime series, Ould skillfully combines melodic prose with atmospheric description to create an engaging and tense story.

When a group of international activists arrive on the Faroe Islands, intent on stopping the traditional whale hunts, tensions between islanders and protestors run high. Then a woman is found murdered only hours after an violent confrontation at a whale drive and the circumstances seem purposely designed to increase animosity between the two sides. 

For English DI Jan Reyna and local detective Hjalti Hentze, the case quickly exposes personal connections and conflicts of interest. But as they dig deeper it becomes increasingly clear that the murder has other, more sinister aspects to it. Knowing evidence is being hidden from them, neither policeman knows who to trust, or how far some people might go to defend their beliefs. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Chris Ould is a BAFTA award-winning screenwriter who has worked on many TV shows including The Bill, Soldier Soldier, Casualty and Hornblower. He is the author of The Blood Strand, the first book in the Faroes series, as well as Road Lines and A Kind of Sleep. He lives in Dorset.

The Killing Bay is published on 21st February and we'll have a review for you soon.

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