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After a lively debate on Twitter, Steve Taylor-Bryant puts together a Top 5 of his favourite Kevin Bacon films...

So I slated Footloose in a #ProjectRPO article and found myself feeling the wrath of our very own Stuart Mulrain on Twitter. I completely understand his point of view, very often I defend films that mean a lot to me despite the fact the world hates them. I also try my very hardest to like everything that Kevin Bacon does, he's one of those actors you know is capable of greatness if he'd just stop saying yes to every role he's offered and be a bit more picky. I also try my hardest not to upset our team, especially Stuart who does actually produce greatness with his True Believers Comic Festival. So, to show I truly do love Kevin Bacon and to go some way to appeasing Stuart, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite Bacon moments.

I've not included television shows, if you haven't watched The Following by now there is no hope for you, and I haven't looked at his one off appearances in things. I've concentrated on his big screen outings and the performances that have left me with my opinion that he can produce greatness. For this reason there is no Hollow Man, a film I genuinely love but appreciate it's very cheesy, and I'm not including Tremors, which I also love but, let's be fair, it's an age thing; that film has not aged well but those of us that have aged with it view it through rose tinted spectacles. Instead I've tried to pick the films that you may have missed, or think are great but might have forgotten about, the films that for some reason don't get mentioned a lot any more. The films of pure class and beautiful portrayals.

Murder in the First

Rookie lawyer, mentally challenged defendant, corrupt officers, Alcatraz, murder, Christian Slater. Perfect film. Perfect performances. Perfect setting.

Telling Lies in America

Any film which has an important lesson to teach, in particular the harm that lies and gossip can inflict, is worth a watch. When Kevin Bacon is on form he is definitely worth watching, and it's also a great chance to see the much missed Brad Renfro in action.

Stir of Echoes

What a film! An almost perfect thriller with an incredible script and some true top drawer performances. Bacon is rarely better than when in the slightly weird roles and the added ghost aspect of Stir of Echoes is really edge of the seat stuff.

Mystic River

Mystic River is a powerful film full of emotion and some of the greatest performances ever committed to film. When you can be one of the best actors in a film that also contains Tim Robbins and Sean Penn then you really are capable of anything.

The Woodsman

This was an incredibly brave film to make and a role that Bacon seemed to relish playing. Is there a better screen performance from Kevin Bacon than the one of Walter? Doubtful.

Honorable mentions for Frost/Nixon, Sleepers and A Few Good Men and also for JFK, all of which were great films but Bacon was outshone by his co-stars. I'd also like to mention the short-ish film Destination Anywhere which is a great little noir style movie, warning though - it contains Jon Bon Jovi.

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