Podcast - Was This Always Weird: Don't Tell Mom...

With some NSFW language, Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner from Austin, Texas break down the hilarious, upsetting and unusual things about a popular movie from the past. This week, there's No rules. No curfews. No nagging. And Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead...

Mrs Crandell goes on a two-month summer trip to Australia, leaving her five children with an elderly babysitter - who is soon found dead. The Crandell children (aged 6 to 17) are soon running riot while the eldest (the Sw'ell Christina Applegate) gets a job with a fashion firm, thanks to a few white lies on her CV, and tries to hold the family together until Mom comes home.

And apparently "it's testament to this movie that you just don't care."

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Image - Was This Always Weird/IMDb

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