SotD - Gary Numan

Susan Omand comes up with a very surprising Song of the Day choice...

My world doesn't make sense any more...

I've found a Gary Numan track that I didn't physically switch off before it had finished. No, seriously, I have. I usually can't stand his music - he ranks at No 2 in my Band(can't)stand list (here) behind Depeche Mode (side note - if I EVER admit to liking a Depeche Mode performance - RUN FOR COVER because the apocalypse is coming).

But this one from Mr Everything Sounds Like Cars is actually not bad at all. It's on an album of music inspired by Ghost in the Shell and the 90s tinny electronica and his trademark synthesised vocal whine are really evocative of that futuristic manga feel of the animation (let's not mention the live action film yet until I have seen it). And I love the video.

See what you think.

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