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The Defective Inspector comes out of his shell to look at some of the comedy sketch work of Turtle Canyon Comedy...

It’s that time again, that time when an e-mail pops up in my inbox NOT related to spam but a chance to be entertained without holding a joystick. While Turtle Canyon Comedy have been around for at least 5 years this will be the first time I will be reviewing their material with a critical eye and a tiny notepad. When curious about their work Turtle Canyon Comedy offered up 3 sketches and 2 comedy series to review. Today I’ll be looking at the sketches and IF I like what I see, maybe check out the series in the future… CAN YOU FEEL THE SUSPENSE?! If you can, see a doctor.

The Girl Who Has Never Laughed
Channelling the inner introvert inside every introvert The Girl Who Has Never Laughed hits a 6.0 on the imaginary laughter scale. The concept is interesting but doesn’t seem to hit the right notes all the way through. The true star is in the ability of the laugh-less girl to not crack a smile while being given one liners from the therapist but other than that it falls a little flat.

Valentine’s Short Film – Night Pay
Despite the puzzling title ‘Night Pay’ this sketch focuses on the uneventful petrol station forecourt while a man without a calendar desperately tries to get a Valentines card for his soon to be ex-partner. Strangely the twist incorporated midway through a 3:20 sketch is rather good, I genuinely didn’t see it coming. On my imaginary laughter scale it scores 8.7, please note I haven’t really considered what the ‘maximum’ score is, let’s just make it clear now: I generally enjoyed myself. Like most comedy snapshots there is a little difficulty in ending it properly but overall, I really liked it!

Chubby Bunny (Short Film)
Oh holy crap this had me in stitches. Despite being almost 4 years old I can tell Turtle Canyon are immensely proud of this concept and for good reason, it’s phenomenal. Metaphorical lightning in a bottle. It is dark but amusing, the acting is surprisingly effective and the writing is so perfect I would have been proud to put my name on it. The views given to this piece do not do it justice and the deliciously dark tones play on my morbid side. Apparently, a fellow called ‘Stuart Laws’ wrote/directed/performed the piece and it DOESN’T appear in his website, he does however provide other Turtle Canyon Comedy on the website… Interesting…

Overall? Well, it’s a mixed bag but even big shots like Mitchell and Webb fail to impress on the odd occasion. There is enough there in general acting talent, writing, ideas and overall production to make me curious enough to dive a little deeper. So, I will be looking for more pieces that tickle my fancy and likely will share them with you lovely readers out there.

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Image - Turtle Canyon Comedy

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