SotD - Men's Health Week: Peaches and Iggy Pop

This week we’re highlighting Men’s Health Week (12th to the 18th of June). As this year’s focus is on reducing belly fat because of the health concerns of having a waist over 37”, our own gym bunny Reece Morris-Jones will be providing some tracks you can add to your workout playlist...

Do you know who Peaches is? If not, then why not?! The self-confessed 'crazy bitch' is what you would get if you crossed Iggy Pop with a 90's Riot Grrrl band. Which means this low-fi 2003 collaboration between her and Iggy Pop is perfect.

Serving as a fun little 'spot the song reference' game for fans of both artists, it’s quick and simple but has a great drum line that propels the song onwards to its conclusion. Do you want something to start or wind down your workout? Or to just dance around to if you can't be bothered with that (it is Saturday after all)? Then this is just the ticket.

It's unpretentious, grungy and just a little bit dirty. Perfect for a weekend. Here's hoping you have enjoyed the week so far. Tomorrow we'll be bringing it to a close. But don’t forget, come Monday you’ll be doing this all yourself.

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