SotD - Men's Health Week: Survivor

This week we’re highlighting Men’s Health Week (12th to the 18th of June). As this year’s focus is on reducing belly fat because of the health concerns of having a waist over 37”, our own gym bunny Reece Morris-Jones will be providing some tracks you can add to your workout playlist...

There's nothing wrong with the conventional. There's a reason it works - it's familiar, proven to work and established. And usually in a song that means it's damn catchy too.

So why wouldn't we include Eye of the Tiger in a week all about reaching targets and becoming the best at what you focus your mind’s eye on. With the song’s lyrics about rising up to a challenge and being the survivor, it's little wonder it was picked to be the theme for Rocky III and caught on in popular culture not long afterwards.

A driving beat, upbeat feel and a nice catchy chorus. What isn't to like about this? Plus, it’s a taste of the familiar you can plan your workout around. Perfect.

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