Gaming - Let's Play Stonehearth (part 2)

The Defective Inspector needs people to do things in part 2 of his latest video, Let's Play Stonehearth...

"Daily update - we gathered some food, our net worth is pants"

Stonehearth is a game about exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting. Your job is to help a small group of settlers survive and carve out a place for themselves in a hostile land. You’ll need to establish a food supply, build shelter, defend your people, and find a way to grow and expand, facing challenges at every step. 

In Part 2 of his Let's Play,  the Defective Inspector finds that Tony gets stuck on the roof, Kraig digs a big hole and talks to a fox and the team ruin a monolith by putting windows in. But Romeo is happy so all is well.

Also AAAARGH - Invader!

Find Stonehearth as an Early Access game on Steam

Image - Radiant Entertainment

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