Podcast - Cut The Music: TLC, Waterfalls


For the last time this season, kick off your commute with Cut the Music, as Cody Dearing & Ed Reed from Austin Texas get to the bottom of whether or not there's anything funny going on in some well known songs from the past. This week, we all need some TLC...

"I remembered about the pants, I forgot about the Capri Sun"

It's the last Cut The Music podcast of the season! *sobs uncontrollably* If you've enjoyed listening to Cody and Ed "nerding out" about music (and production values) as much as we have please do let them know via social media (links below) or drop us a tweet or post and we'll pass it on because we NEED THESE GUYS BACK!

Listen to this week's Cut The Music:

And here's the song they're talking about

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