SotD - Robbie Williams, Speaking Tongues

It's the Robster's birthday today so, to celebrate, here's the lyric video of his latest track Speaking Tongues from Under The Radar Vol 2...

I’ll tell you all a story ‘bout a man who isn’t here

Who had a pocket full of chemicals, some cigarettes and beer

I went out to Ibiza runnin’ from the pourin’ rain

I drank a poco loco and I’d never be the same

I met up with some boys they called themselves the diamond dogs

They were either on the dancefloor or dealing in the bogs

And a reformed gangster got me and he said that he found God

He looked me in the eyes and he started speaking tongues

With a distinct feel of Me and My Monkey (here), as the birthday boy says himself "Everything in this song happened in real life.. hope you enjoy the video."

Image - Amazon

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