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Good Omens will see Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton join its cast as filming of Neil Gaiman’s six-part adaptation continues in South Africa...

The pair will be taking on the roles of mysterious book-buyers Harmony and Glozier and follow in the footsteps of their fellow The League of Gentlemen star Reece Shearsmith who was revealed last year as playing William Shakespeare. They will be joining leads Michael Sheen and David Tennant who are currently shooting in locations in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Also joining the pair will be Jamestown actress Niamh Walsh playing the part of Rose.

On joining the cast Mark Gatiss says: “I’m delighted to be working with David and Michael again and of course with Steve - bringing a little film noir menace to such an exciting project. Being bad never felt so good!”

Steve Pemberton added “To be asked to fly to Cape Town with Mark and meet up with old friends David and Michael working on a script from the genius mind of Neil Gaiman...? Well, you had me at Cape Town. Glozier and Harmony are a small piece of the jigsaw but hopefully one which will fit nicely into place”

Based on the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and produced by BBC Studios, the six-part series for Amazon Prime Video and BBC Two boasts an already impressive cast including Jon Hamm playing the Archangel Gabriel, Miranda Richardson (Madame Tracy), Michael McKean (Shadwell), Jack Whitehall (Newt), Adria Arjona (Anathema Device), Anna Maxwell Martin (Beelzebub) and Derek Jacobi as the Metatron.

Commenting on the casting, showrunner Neil Gaiman says:“Part of the joy of Good Omens is getting to see what our angel and demon have been doing during human history. And part of the joy as a writer is writing parts with specific actors in mind. Steve Pemberton was my only choice for Glozier and Harmony has to be Mark Gatiss, in a film noir interlude set in 1941...”

Filming will conclude in early March.

Image & info - BBC
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