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Titan Books announce the publication next month of Box of Bones, the captivating third novel in Peter Morfoot’s Captain Darac series...

Return to the streets of Nice for carnival season where murder and deception lie among the beauty of the festival lights. Witty and fast-moving, this is one book crime fans won’t want to miss and we'll have a review for you soon.

It is Carnival time in Nice, and for three weeks the boulevards are alive with dancers, jugglers and musicians. Amid the colour and pageantry, a man suffers a fatal fall – the first in a series of suspicious deaths. Captain Paul Darac of the Brigade Criminelle is sure the answer lies in the mystery surrounding a daring bank heist, supposedly resolved years ago. But the reopening of the case rattles his usually equable relationship with his boss, and soon the safety of his friends, his colleagues and his family is at stake. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Peter Morfoot has written a number of plays and sketch shows for BBC radio and TV and is the author of the acclaimed satirical novel, Burksey. He has lectured in film, holds a PhD in Art History, and has spent thirty years exploring the life, art and restaurant tables of the French Riviera, the setting for his series of crime novels featuring Captain Paul Darac of Nice’s Brigade Criminelle. He lives in Cambridge.

Box of Bones is published on 3rd April

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