Today at the Proms - Prom 27

Continuing our daily coverage of what's on at The Proms 2018, Susan Omand has a quick look at the programme for Prom 27: Folk Music around Britain and Ireland ...

Reminder - Watch Prom 23: Havana Meets Kingston and Prom 27: Folk Music around Britain and Ireland on BBC Four tonight 

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of ye olde fashionede English folk unless there's some sort of twist to it - I'm not one for maypoles and morris dancers but that may be brought-up-ness as the traditional music I listened to growing up was all of Celtic origin (and often a cover with some decent guitar added). However, I see that Jarlath Henderson is on the list of performers so there may be hope for a few decent tunes at least.

You can listen to this evening's Prom live on Radio 3 or on the iPlayer and on Radio 2 on 10th August

Image - Photo © Chris Christodoulou
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