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With the film now out on DVD, The Defective Inspector has examined the video evidence and has some questions about The Incredibles 2...

Like most adults undeservedly in love with Disney/Pixar collaborations I have had reservations about sequels. Monster’s University was floppy and the less said about Cars the better. I was really looking forward to The Incredibles 2, but the end result was sadly lacking in anything substantial or unique. This disturbing pattern with Pixar sequels continues and, despite finding the movie solid, I had some thoughts. And, just like Venom… I have a few questions.


Why Was Elastigirl Given Freedom?

The big focus of this movie is Elastigirl, a superheroine who shared the focus with many male Supers in her lifetime and has finally been given the spotlight. While this created some hilarious outcomes for bumbling outdated father figure Mr Incredible the question always remained, why the hell did the villain make their life so difficult? We later find out that the obviously evil Evelyn Deavor setup the whole situation and using clever hypnosis technology she intended to end the Super “menace” once and for all. Does she control Elastigirl? Nope. In fact when they make a brand new outfit (much to Edna’s dismay) it wasn’t given any kind of hypnotic mechanism which could of stopped the Parr family from ever getting involved. Instead Deavor waits until Elastigirl is about to ruin everything! Even worse once she DOES work out everything, get hypnotised and mind controlled the ever wise Evelyn INVITES more heroes to the party. It’s like saying “Okay we’ve contained this fire… But what if we had MORE fire for the fire?!”. Stop with the fire, get water.

Is Jack-Jack The First Super Baby?

The odd thing about Jack-Jack is that he has a variety of powers, most of which seem loosely linked to his mood/feelings. Edna creates a rather genius suit through rigorous study of the little blighter and that becomes a running theme for the final showdown with Evelyn. My question is…. Is Jack-Jack unique? I mean The Incredible family have 2 not-baby creatures in it so I can assume their powers appeared at some point. Even if we accept Jack-Jack has a weird set of powers there must have been more than a few babies with powers in the universe, or at least in the past! I know Frozone is too cool (ba dum tsk) to be held down by raising a family but he must know other people than Bob and Helen Parr. Speaking of which…

What Happened to All The Famous Heroes?

Mid-way through the movie we are introduced to a rag-tag bunch of heroes. The odd part is these particular heroes are brand new and seemingly have come out of nowhere. Perhaps they hid their skills after Supers became illegal, but it does make me wonder, what happened to the glory day crew? We know Mr Incredible, Frozone and Elastigirl knew a fair few people and while MANY were killed by Syndrome in the original movie, did he kill them all? Or was it all down to cape-related homicide? Maybe the government silenced those a bit too rowdy? This just raises further questions about the darker underbelly of a very child friendly movie. Speaking of which, despite uncovering this murderously background Bob never spared a moment after escaping Syndrome! When the hell will Bob grieve? Will Incredibles 3 be all about PTSD?... Actually I kinda hope it is!

What Is Frozone’s Story?

As a general rule, I don’t like spin-offs. There are some exceptions (notably Better Call Saul since we’re discussing an Odenkirk cast movie) but overall it shouldn’t be touched. Despite 2 movies going I still wonder who Frozone is and what exactly he does when not freezing spit in mid-air. Remember his apartment? Remember the “Where’re My Super Suit” joke? Well I am more than curious about his “normal” life. How did his wife take him returning to Superhero work? Did he have a job? Does he STILL have a job? How annoyed was he that the only African American person in the whole Universe is still a footnote of Super history? I dunno… maybe? At least he didn’t die first like every horror movie ever made…

How Did No One See This Coming?

Okay so Syndrome is gone, destroyed by his own mistakes/Jack-Jack’s insatiable desire for flesh. The MOMENT Super’s return to the scene a villain (The Underminer) arrives to claim the surface world. The story rushes pretty quickly from one movie to the other so we don’t have time to think about how some people may not be all that impressed with Super powered people fighting again like the “good ol’ days”. In fact, there isn’t much evidence that super villains existed again until super heroes tried to reappear. Syndrome was born from a desire to nullify superheroes like Bob working underground and Evelyn Deavor wanted Super’s gone since her father died. These two cannot be the only people with horror stories, just watch ANY super hero movie and you can count the potential causalities. Frankly, as a non-super powered person, I’d be pretty damn worried. Not enough to form a right-winged propaganda machine though… Oh god… Is THAT Incredibles 3?

What IS Incredibles 3 Going To Be?

It’s been loosely confirmed that Incredibles 3 could happen, apparently enough ideas flew around the room during the 2nd movie’s development to make a whole new movie. But I am hoping for Nazis fighting against Frozone. Oh, and Bob deals with PTSD, repeating he’s not strong enough. What’s this? An onion ninja just sneaked in and caused my eyes to leak! No, it had NOTHING to do with that scene in the original movie. -sniff-. He cannot handle the loss of his family…. I need to go call a relative… Excuse me…

[Here's THAT scene - Ed]

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