Film - Beautiful Boy

With the film coming to UK cinemas this month, a look behind the scenes of Beautiful Boy...

Starring Steve Carell (Foxcatcher, The Big Short) and Timothée Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name), Beautiful Boy is a deeply moving portrait of a family’s unwavering love and commitment to each other in the face of their son’s addiction and his attempts at recovery. As Nic repeatedly relapses, the Sheffs are faced with the harsh reality that addiction is a disease that does not discriminate and can hit any family at any time.

In this new featurette, the cast and crew of Beautiful Boy discuss how they adapted David Sheff’s book Beautiful Boy and his son Nic Sheff’s memoir Tweak into a single film that accurately portrays the cycle of relapse and recovery.

The film hits cinemas on 18th January.

Image - StudioCanal

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