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This year's British Podcast Awards were handed out over the weekend. Here's the full list of winners...

Established in 2017, the British Podcast Awards have set out to showcase podcasts and celebrate the best of what's out there, as well as letting listeners discover something that may be new to them. This year's shortlist of entries, and the eventual winners, were chosen by a panel of more than 60 judges, representing podcast creators, publishers, press, listeners and audio industry execs, headed up by critic and broadcaster, Miranda Sawyer. Their remit was to find "a unique and compelling listen that excels in its chosen genre" and in particular to look for entries "that offer fresh perspectives, innovative formats or presentation, or that give a voice to those underrepresented in traditional media platforms."

Entries were received from all branches of podcasting, from big brands to bedroom publishers, charities to comedians, and the winners of the categories below also reflect that cross-section. The BBC took home six gold awards, including Listeners’ Choice plus three silver and two bronze commendations, but there were also awards for indie podcasters such as George the Poet, who picked up gold awards for the Podcast of the Year, Best Arts & Culture, Best Fiction Best New Podcast and Smartest Podcast and got a silver for Current Affairs, beaten by Eddie Mair's Grenfell Tower Enquiry coverage, and silver for Acast Moment of the Year. It was also good to see Classic FM's true crimes podcast Case Notes pick up a gold award.

Below is the full list of winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze), and the judges' comments, for each category alongside the other nominees for this year. There's also a link to each of the nominated podcasts so you can try them for yourselves and discover something new to listen to.

Acast Moment of The Year

The judges were completely floored by You, Me & The Big C: “Rachael Bland, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, three brilliant women talking with passion, compassion, humour and honesty about an incredibly difficult subject. And in doing so they have transformed the conversation around cancer. The way the podcast dealt with Rachel Bland’s death, and celebrated her life, was an inspiration. It’s therefore no surprise that the series has been applauded by cancer patients and medical professionals. It created an uncharacteristically positive and kind buzz on social media and attracted new audiences to podcasts. A truly deserving winner.”

Dear Joan and Jericha - Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine, A Hush Ho/Pepperdine Productions/Dot Dot Dot Co-Pro
** SILVER ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
My Dad Wrote A Porno - Jamie, James, Alice and Rocky
** BRONZE ** Over The Bridge Podcast - Bill-al, Kway-ku, Patrick & Tom
Ways to Change the World, with Krishnan Guru-Murthy - Channel 4 News/ITN
** GOLD ** You, Me and the Big C - BBC Radio 5 Live

Best Branded Podcast

The judges said: “A beautifully produced podcast series, with a variety of in-depth, well researched and heavily sound designed stories. The judges were impressed with the brands sophistication to place the stories at the centre and let the Selfridge's story come from the podcasts success.”

** SILVER ** Awake at Night - Chalk and Blade and Bethany Bell for the UNHCR
** BRONZE ** Feminists Don't Wear Pink - Penguin Random House / Scarlett Curtis
** GOLD ** Fresh Eyes - Radio Wolfgang
Healthy For Men - The River Group (on behalf of Holland & Barrett)
Meet Me at the Museum - Whistledown Productions for Art Fund
Rough Guide to Everywhere - Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening

Bullseye Award supported by Podiant

The judges said: “Small and perfectly formed... a show that consistently delivers compelling true stories for the LGBTQ+ community. He’s won a bronze, he’s won a silver. It’s time for a Gold.”

** GOLD ** Probably True - Scott Flashheart
Ask The Nincompoops - Andy Stanton and Carrie Quinlan, Great Big Owl
** BRONZE ** Centuries of Sound - James Errington
** SILVER ** Somerset House Studios - Somerset House Studios
Farmerama - Jo Barratt, Katie Revell, Abby Rose
BBC Somerset's Cricket Show: Extras - BBC Somerset

Best Arts & Culture

The judges said: “This is a podcast that deserves your time. It felt a little like a piece of art itself - pushing the boundaries of podcast production.”

BLANK - with Jim Daly and Giles Paley-Phillips
** BRONZE ** Excuse The Mess - Ben Corrigan
** SILVER ** Folk on Foot - Matthew Bannister
** GOLD ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day - Elizabeth Day
Stance Podcast - Heta Fell & Chrystal Genesis

Best Comedy supported by Spotify

The judges said: “In going to the places that everyday conversation rarely goes, Julia Davis and Vicky Pepperdine have not only captured the spirit of the medium with Joan and Jericha, they have rendered us absolutely helpless with laughter. Bravo.”

** SILVER ** Beef And Dairy Network Podcast - Benjamin Partridge for Maximum Fun
Birthday Girls' House Party - Whistledown Productions for BBC Sounds
** GOLD ** Dear Joan and Jericha - Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine, A Hush Ho/Pepperdine Productions/Dot Dot Dot Co-Pro
** BRONZE ** The All New Angelos and Barry Podcast - Alex Lowe and Dan Skinner for Great Big Owl
The Guilty Feminist - Deborah Frances-White
The Horne Section Podcast - Pixiu for Deezer Originals

Best Current Affairs

The judges said: “Powerful and necessary. Though we hear the facts expertly laid out, this podcast is a sobering reminder of the real people at the heart of a tragedy that has long left the headlines; their stories told with devastating detail. Outstanding journalism that will at times make you feel uncomfortable, as it should. Prepare to be incredibly moved.”

** BRONZE ** Beyond Today - BBC Radio 4
** SILVER ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
Stance Podcast - Heta Fell & Chrystal Genesis
** GOLD ** The Grenfell Tower Inquiry with Eddie Mair - BBC Sounds
The Intelligence - The Economist for Economist Radio
Today in Focus - The Guardian

Best Entertainment supported by Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative

The judges said: “The winning entry was an unexpected listening experience that ticket the box for all the judges. It demonstrated how podcasting has redefined what traditional broadcasting considers entertaining.”

** SILVER ** Blood on the Tracks - Shooting Sharks Productions for BBC Sounds
Desert Island Dicks - Desert Island Dicks Podcast
Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster - Plosive Productions
Private Parts - Jamie Laing & Francis Boulle for Spirit Media
** BRONZE ** Spark True Stories - Elle Scott
** GOLD ** This Paranormal Life - Rory Powers & Kit Grier

Best Family

The judges said: “A gripping and enlightening series, the winner successfully makes you consider your own preconceptions of family with excellent interviews underpinned by frank and moving personal stories."

** BRONZE ** Everything Under The Sun - Molly Oldfield
Fun Kids Science Weekly - Fun Kids Radio
** SILVER ** Made By Mammas - Create Productions
Ruthie: Me and My Dad - talkRADIO / Wireless Studios
** GOLD ** Surrogacy: A Family Frontier - Dustin Lance-Black, Tracy Williams and Jane Andrews for BBC Radio 5 Live
The Long Road to Baby - Sophie Sulehria

Best Fiction

“The judges felt that Have You Heart George's Podcast? exceeded all our expectations. It is an engrossing podcast: fresh, original, surprising, moving, well-written with breathtakingly beautiful sound design and mesmerising performances. An outstanding and worthy winner.”

Calais 2037 - New Time Productions Limited
Double Bubble - Prison Radio Association
** GOLD ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
The Amelia Project - Philip Thorne & Oystein Brager for Imploding Fictions
** SILVER ** The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - Julian Simpson, Sweet Talk Productions for BBC Radio 4
** BRONZE ** The Offensive - Radio Stakhanov

Best Interview

“The judges felt the host showed huge empathy in this interview. The questioning is both intelligent and provocative in a gentle way, moving the conversation along in an impactful and compelling manner. In a crowded field this was thought to be a clear winner, an interview podcast of the highest order.”

Breaking Mum and Dad: The Podcast - Anna Williamson, Create Productions
Declassified - Michael Coates
** SILVER ** Homo Sapiens - Will Young and Christopher Sweeney for Banana Stand
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day - Elizabeth Day
** BRONZE ** Sex Talk - Prison Radio Association
** GOLD ** The Modern Mann - Olly Mann for Rethink Audio

Best New Podcast

“The judges were impressed with this exceptional, unusual podcast's bravery and invention. This podcast is unlike anything else out there. It moves between fiction, fact, poetry and reportage to create a new and unforgettable listening experience.”

A Mile in My Shoes - Empathy Museum and Loftus Media
** SILVER ** About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge - Reni Eddo-Lodge/Renay Richardson
** GOLD ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
No Country for Young Women - BBC Sounds
** BRONZE ** On The Road - Prison Radio Association
Today in Focus - The Guardian

Spotlight Award

The judges said That Peter Crouch Podcast, “found a totally new perspective on one of the nation’s most discussed past-times. Full of wit and personality, this is a podcast that has brought people together, regardless of which club they support.”

** SILVER ** Fortunately...with Fi and Jane - BBC Radio 4
George Ezra & Friends - George Ezra
Happy Mum, Happy Baby - Giovanna Fletcher for Pixiu
Happy Place - Fearne Cotton
** BRONZE ** Katie Piper's Extraordinary People - Katie Piper for Somethin' Else
** GOLD ** That Peter Crouch Podcast - 5live for BBC Sounds

Sex & Relationships

The judges said:“We love the range of subject matter of this show! The hosts are covering everything from sexual pleasure and desire to women's reproductive health and toxic masculinity. The journalism doubles as a public service, while also being an immensely fun listen. It's the kind of show we'd want to send to every teenage girl in our lives, and wish we had when we were teenagers.”

#QueerAF - National Student Pride & Jamie Wareham
** GOLD ** Project Pleasure - Anouszka Tate and Frankie Wells
** SILVER ** Qmmunity - Alexis Caught, Kevin Morosky, Christania McPherson
The Receipts Podcast - Audrey Akande/Milena Sanchez/Tolani Shoneye
** BRONZE ** The Sugar Baby Confessionals - Sara-Mae Tuson for Fable Gazers
Unexpected Fluids - BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 1

Best Radio Podcast supported by Radioplayer

The judges said: “It made us both laugh and cry within the first few minutes. We were particularly impressed with the sensitive treatment of storytelling not frequently heard elsewhere. It adapts hyperlocal radio to universal appeal, with sublime production and passionate hosting. This is a very worthy gold winner.”

Brexit: A Love Story? - World at One for BBC Radio 4
** BRONZE ** Fun Kids Science Weekly - Fun Kids Radio
** GOLD ** Multi Story - BBC Local Radio
ShoutOut Radio - ShoutOut Radio
** SILVER ** Tara and George - Audrey Gillan for Falling Tree Productions
The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X - Global

Smartest Podcast

The judges said: “This podcast captures a unique and powerful voice and views which are so often missing from mainstream media. Using arresting poetry to tackle big issues head on, each episode is a rich and mesmerising performance.”

** SILVER ** About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge - Reni Eddo-Lodge & Renay Richardson
** GOLD ** Have You Heard George's Podcast? - George The Poet
On The Road - Prison Radio Association
** BRONZE ** Shedunnit - Caroline Crampton
The Tip Off - Maeve McClenaghan for Acast
The Urbanist - Monocle 24

Best Sport

The judges said: “A subtle mix of humour, intertwined with razor sharp word play, this podcast weaves the football, conversation, facts and some randomness expertly together. It’s a real leader in its field.”

F1: Beyond The Grid - Formula 1 for Audioboom
LS11 - Darren Harper and Ryan Wilson for Proper Sport
The BBC's LGBT Sport Podcast - Jack Murley for BBC Radio Jersey
** SILVER ** The Big Interview with Graham Hunter - BackPage Media
** BRONZE ** The Cycling Podcast Féminin - The Cycling Podcast
** GOLD ** The Totally Football Show with James Richardson - Muddy Knees Media for the Totally Football Network

Best True Crime

The judges said: “Looking back at Classical's most notable and notorious musicians, Case Notes is a crime podcast like no other. Narrative themes include adultery, theft, entrapment and black magic - delve into the darkest parts of the human psyche.”

** GOLD ** Case Notes - Classic FM for Global
** SILVER ** Dead Man Talking - Peter Sale & Alex Hannaford - DMT Media & Audioboom
Death in Ice Valley - Neil McCarthy/Marit Higraff for BBC World Service/NRK
** BRONZE ** End Of Days - Ciaran Tracey & Chris Warburton for the BBC
RedHanded - Hannah Maguire & Suruthi Bala for Acast
The Doorstep Murder - Fiona Walker for BBC Scotland

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