Book - Wonderland: An Anthology

With 18 new Fantasy/Horror stories all inspired by Alice's Adventures, Titan Books announce the publication in September of Wonderland...

Within these pages you'll find myriad approaches to Alice, from horror to historical, taking us from the nightmarish reaches of the imagination to tales that will shock, surprise and tug on the heart-strings.

So, it's time now to go down the rabbit hole, or through the looking-glass or... But no, wait. By picking up this book and starting to read it you're already there, can't you see?

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been inspiring us for generations and now fans will revel in the chance to once again visit the beautiful and bizarre world of Wonderland.

But take a long breath before you set foot into these original tales because they won't be like the wonderland you remember; Tread carefully through M R Carey's nightmarish imaginings of Alice, embrace your spiritual side with Laura Mauro's Japanese floklore-inspires realm and make sure you've got your with about you in Angela Slatter's Wild West tale, with many more surprises in store.

Featuring the work of M R Carey, Mark Chadbourn, Genevieve Cogman, Jonathan Green, Alison Littlewood, James Lovegrove, L L McKinney, George Mann, Juliet Marillier, Laura Mauro, Cat Rambo, Lilith Saintcrow, Cavan Scott, Robert Shearman, Angela Slatter, Catriona Ward, Jane Yolen and Rio Youers, the anthology is edited by Marie O'Regan and Paul Kane and is published by Titan Books on 17th September.

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