Review - Gozer Goodspeed

Steve Taylor-Bryant is proved right (again) as he listens to the first single from Gozer Goodspeed's upcoming album, Running with the Outliers...

“you were right, I did need a full band"...

I love being right, and I love it even more when people publicly state how right I was. The quote above is from an email I received from Gozer Goodspeed with his new single attached and, whilst I do love being right and I’ve used the quote as a childish way to poke Mr Gozer, I’m more happy because the single is so damn good. Gozer Goodspeed is a cracking songwriter and I’ve enjoyed all his solo releases thus far (reviews here) but I have always been of the opinion that he needed a drummer. Not just because I am a drummer and think all music is poorer with no percussion but because Gozer’s music would be elevated to a level so high with a beat to back up his remarkable songwriting skills.

Running With the Outliers proves I was right as it is stunning; folky, bluesy, rocky, bit of a Lennon vibe on the vocals but, because of it being a full band sound, it has taken a near flawless artist and put him in the realms of perfection. The familiar acoustic sound is still there, especially on the verses, but with a hint of electric guitar, a drummer and some subtle background vocal Running With the Outliers now demands you attend a live show long before you reach the chorus.

If this single is anything to go by, the forthcoming album is going to be something special, something I won’t be able to pick fault in, but I’ll try regardless.

Gozer Goodspeed you listened, you learned, you collaborated, you knocked it out of the park.

If you have Spotify, you can Pre-Save the new single, Running with the Outliers, and get it as soon as it is released on 4th October by visiting this link.

Image - courtesy Gozer Goodspeed

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