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No, not ManGO, ManGA! Over on our twin site at The DreamCage, they're having a theme day of anime and manga, so we thought we'd get in on the act...

... or, rather, show you how you can get started with Manga, thanks to The British Museum. Back in the summer, The British Museum had a huge exhibition devoted to Manga (read the news feature about it here) and, as part of that, they shared a few videos on YouTube about the artform, its history and some highlights from the exhibition. They also shared these four episodes called How to Manga, showing the creation of Manga characters and talking about what makes them special. Enjoy! And, if you do have a go yourself, do please let us see by tweeting us @AlbieMediaAM or sharing it on our Facebook page.

In Episode 1, professional manga artist Chie Kutsuwada teaches you her tips and tricks for creating pencil drawn manga characters.

In Episode 2, Chie Kutsuwada returns with a tutorial on inking your pencil manga drawings. She shares tips and tricks on bringing your drawings to life with line and shadow.

Episode 3 sees Chie Kutsuwada explain the process of creating a storyboard from a script to create a finished page of manga.

And, in the final episode, Chie Kutsuwada talks about facial expressions and drawn manga symbols.

Sadly, the exhibition is no longer on at the British Museum, although you can still buy the book and they still have plenty of Manga in their permanent collection. Have a look at some of it online HERE.

Videos from The British Museum YouTube Channel.

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