Film - Mission Improbable: Day Twelve

Mission improbable day twelve

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to let Steve Taylor-Bryant's brain explode whilst thinking as he plays Mission Improbable: Day Twelve…

You know when you laugh at Susan Omand for coming up with something as daft and easy as #NotBaconBits on and she swears revenge and so you laugh harder and then she goes quiet and you move on with your day, secure in the knowledge that someone who invented #NotBaconBits is less than you and couldn’t cause your superiority to be in any way dented? You don’t? Oh, you are lucky. You see I did laugh at Susan, and she did go quiet, and I did move on, and then I opened an email and now I have homework, and she got most of my colleagues to join her “Mission”, and now I have 31 days to link Tom Cruise back to Tom Cruise via a list of actors supplied by those traitors in the office [traitors has been added in here as Steve’s original wording was both libellous and frankly disturbing – Ed]. 

The Mission (please make it stop) should I be forced to accept it is each day link an actor the next actor on my list in as fewer steps as possible. I have no choice over the actors chosen or the order in which they appear, it’s basically Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but at gunpoint… during my social isolation. Anyway, I shall go from the previous days actor to the new actor, supply some film titles or a directors name, maybe some trailers for your enjoyment, starting with Tom Cruise and ending in 31 days with Tom Cruise. Susan? This sounds complicated have I covered everything? Oh yeah! I am not using Google or anything so I may not take the most direct route, or the journey that you are expecting me to. Some may be done in one move, some may take a few because I am basically relying on my own brain…

Day 12. 

From: Samuel L. Jackson

To: Johnny Depp - Picked by Kraig Taylor-Bryant

Samuel L. Jackson was in Home of the Brave with Christina Ricci…

Christina Ricci was in Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.

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