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SDCC@Home continues online today. Every day of the Comic-con, Susan Omand will share her pick of events she's looking forward to, before they happen. Here's Day 4...

With the global pandemic still being a thing, San Diego Comic-con has had to go online this year, same as everything else. So that means we mere mortals who never get to go to it usually, get a chance to access some of the online panels, Q&A's and other exciting stuff without having to wait in line for ages and ages and ages and ages and [yes, we get it - Ed] or, ya know, going to San Diego or anything. 

Space (like proper space, not pretend space) is the final frontier for many of today's panels and events at SDCC@Home. Here's what took my eye for today:

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Cosmos: Possible Worlds, takes audiences on a series of spiritual voyages of exploration revealing previously uncharted realms, including lost worlds and worlds to come, and those that we may one day inhabit in a thrilling future we can still have. Join creator, executive producer, director and writer Ann Druyan; host and acclaimed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson; executive producer, director and writer Brannon Braga; executive producer Jason Clark; and visual effects supervisor Jeffrey A. Okun for a conversation about what is in store for the next chapter of Cosmos and a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the series. Featuring an introduction by executive producer Seth MacFarlane and exclusive never-before-seen footage, this panel discussion illustrates why Cosmos has remained relevant for the last 40 years.

I must admit, I haven't seen the original series by Neil deGrasse Tyson yet (I'm more of the Carl Sagan vintage), but have listened to Nate McKenzie bang on about how great it is so much that I reckoned this would be worth a look.

Inglorious Treksperts: 30 Years of Best of Both Worlds

The hosts of the hit Star Trek podcast, Inglorious Treksperts, are joined by actress Elizabeth Dennehy ("Commander Shelby") to discuss the making of one of Star Trek: The Next Generation's most beloved episodes, "The Best of Both Worlds" which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Join the celebration of the cybernetic super baddies and the episode that changed Star Trek forever.

OK there's some pretend space. A classic episode, it will be interesting to get a behind the scenes take on the making of. 

Back to the Moon and Beyond With NASA

NASA is returning humans to the surface of the moon by 2024 as part of its Artemis program. This decade, the agency and its partners will explore more of the Moon than ever before, including the lunar south pole. Using the Moon for scientific discovery, NASA will also test technologies to move humanity farther into the solar system, beginning with Mars. The panel, hosted by William Shatner, will include NASA astronauts Nicole Mann and Kjell Lindgren as well as space technology expert LaNetra Tate, and spacesuit engineer Lindsay Aitchison, who are working to get humanity back to the moon and beyond!

More proper space. NASA, techy stuff and Shatner. That'll do me. 

Eye of Newt and Wool of Bat: the science behind magic potions and spells

Potions class is in session! Is there some truth behind the enchanted elixirs and demonic deterrents in fantastical fare like Harry Potter, The Witcher, and Sabrina? Naturopathic doctor DeJarra Sims will walk you through nature's real-life tinctures for healing, sleeping, wit-sharpening, and love, and explain the science behind their effects. Introduced by Fast Company's Susan Karlin.

My mother was a witch. A white witch, yes, but a real witch. I inherited all her notebooks and recipes a couple of years back so this really will be interesting.

The Art of Adapting Comics to the Screen: David S. Goyer Q&A

The writer behind such iconic comic book film and TV adaptations including Blade, Batman Begins, Constantine (TV), and Man of Steel--David S. Goyer--discusses his creative writing process and what it took to bring these beloved characters and tales from the page to the screen. 

I'm always intrigued by film and TV adaptations and how close or liberal they are with the original books. Also how difficult is it to "play in someone else's sandbox" and write for characters not of your own making? Hopefully this answers that question. 

The Official Dune Publishing Panel

Bestselling science fiction authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson discuss the exciting new Dune graphic novels, comics, and original novels coming out this fall. Joined by their editors, Herbert and Anderson will discuss content from their past and upcoming projects, including Frank Herbert's masterpiece Dune (Ace) with senior editor Jessica Wade, the graphic novel adaptation of Frank Herbert's masterpiece, Dune: The Graphic Novel, Book 1 (Abrams ComicArts), with editor Charlotte Greenbaum, the prequel trilogy of books beginning with Dune: House Atreides (Del Rey), with executive editor Anne Groell, the prequel comic series Dune: House Atreides (BOOM! Studios) with company CEO & founder Ross Richie, and Dune: The Duke of Caladan (TOR), with editor Christopher Morgan.

With Dune being the flavour of the month in film and TV terms, I'm intrigued to see what direction the new printed works will take. 

Constantine: 15th Anniversary Reunion

Keanu Reeves, director Francis Lawrence, and producer Akiva Goldsman reunite to reflect on the making of the 2005 DC Comics adaptation. 

Talking of book and comic book adaptations... KEANU REEVES IS CONSTANTINE. A must watch. 

Blast Off with Disney+'s "The Right Stuff"

The Right Stuff is the first scripted Disney+ original series from National Geographic. The series takes a clear-eyed look at the early days of the US space program. The series follows seven of the military's best pilots who become astronauts for the newly-formed NASA at the height of the Cold War. Competing to be the first in space, these ordinary men achieve the extraordinary, inspiring America to turn towards a new horizon of ambition and hope.

I love the concept of this series, depending on how it's done. I think Space and the Cold War is always a rich period of modern history and this series could either be brilliant or awful. Hopefully the panel will clarify which.

Picard 2020: A Literary Retrospective

With the excitement surrounding the new Star Trek series, let's take a look back at the most bookish captain in Starfleet. How did he evolve on the page and the screen? What do his favorite books and plays say about him as a character and as a leader? Take a deep dive into Picard's bookshelf.

Yes more Trek but what a great idea for a panel discussion!

Tarzan, John Carter, Victory Harben, and the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe

Enter a cosmos of adventure! Join the team at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. as they announce a universe of thrilling new projects, including the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library with Tarzan cover artist Joe Jusko; the forthcoming novel John Carter of Mars: Gods of the Forgotten with author Geary Gravel; and comic books from American Mythology Productions with artist/writer/editor-in-chief Mike Wolfer plus the newest ERB Universe heroine, Victory Harben, along with exciting developments in the world of film, TV, and animation, and more!

I realise that Burroughs is no longer on the "cool" list but I still really enjoy his books and his characters so it'll be interesting to see what's new in the universe.

Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious Panel

Launching in September 2020 over twelve weeks, Time Lord Victorious is the BBC's brand-new, multi-platform Doctor Who story told across comics, novels, audio, vinyl and digital! Titan Entertainment's Andrew Sumner goes behind the scenes with writer Jody Houser, artist Roberta Ingranata, colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini, editor Jake Devine, senior creative editor David Leach and BBC producer James Goss to discuss the new Time Lord Victorious comic series.

I couldn't not include the Doctor Who panel now, could I? Time Lord Victorious seems like an interesting exploration of the Whoniverse too, although I'm not sure if fans will embrace the cross-media approach as much as it needs.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Cast Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine, William Sadler, director Dean Parisot alongside writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson gather for a lively panel moderated by filmmaker and fan Kevin Smith.

Bill and Ted and Kevin Smith! Most excellent. Talking of Kevin Smith... 

An Evening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith talks Son-In-Lockdown, unveils a new Funko Pop, and drops the first look at his new film Killroy Was Here. Plus, Kevin chats about a new podcast he created with his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and reveals how to get your very own Mooby's Cow Tipper.

Sounds like lots of news to come with this panel. Also who doesn't need a Cow Tipper?  

What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows is a documentary-style look into the lives of four vampires and their loyal familiar who, in a surprising twist, is a descendant of famed vampire slayer Van Helsing. Join us in raising a glass of regular human alcohol beer to the sharp-toothed cast--Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Kayvan Novak, Mark Proksch, and Harvey Guillén--and the creative team for a spirited discussion hosted by special guest, Haley Joel Osment.

This is one of those "always meant to watch it but never got round to it" series, so maybe this panel will convince me one way or the other.

Farscape ... To Be Continued

Farscape is now on Amazon Prime and there has been talk of its return. Join Farscape cast members in celebration of this epic sci-fi series! 

Now, Farscape I did watch back in the day so this will be a glorious nostalgia-fest for me. 

These are just my choices though, and merely scratch the surface of a busy day. You'll find a lot more on offer as Comic-Con@Home 2020 will feature over 350 separate panels spread out over all five days of the event. There will be something for everyone! You can find the schedule for all of SDCC@Home here or here. Also remember to Print off your badge here (for you AND your pets!) and download your FREE souvenir book here. Oh, and remember to visit the virtual Exhibitors' Hall too where you’ll find company listings, exclusive products for sale, promotional links, and a whole lot more. The Exhibit Hall will be available for all five days of the convention.

Here’s how SDCC@HOME works:

The majority of our panels will also be available AFTER the July 22-26 dates, although there are some that may have a limited time period attached to them. Each panel will contain a link; when you click on that link, you’ll launch another page that has the panel video embedded on it … that video will be available on the date and time listed. When it’s available, simply push play and watch! It’s that simple.

All the panels will also be available on the Comic-Con YouTube channel, so you can also access them there. Subscribe on at
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