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Rapper lit in blue with crowd in orange behind

Screening as part of this year's London Film Festival ahead of a general release at the end of October, watch the trailer for Mogul Mowgli...

Press Release

British Pakistani rapper Zed (Riz Ahmed) is a rising star on the cusp of his first world tour. But, struck down by an illness that threatens to derail his big break, he’s forced to confront his past, his family, and the uncertainty of his legacy. 

The debut fiction feature from the award-winning documentary filmmaker Bassam Tariq (These Birds Walk) and co-written, produced by and starring the Emmy award-winning Ahmed, Mogul Mowgli is a bold, vital and electrifying exploration of heritage and identity.

Mogul Mowgli will be screening as part of the 64th BFI London Film Festival on the 10th October, and on general release in the UK and Ireland from 30th October

Image - BFI

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