SotD-ish - Song Titles

Susan Omand has been reading social media again. This is never a good sign...

Social media has a lot to answer for. Doom-scrolling, Rick-rolling, mass-trolling ... and stupid little quiz/challenge things like this one that I spotted on the Book of Face recently.

The post says, "Answer each category with a SONG TITLE. No repeats and don’t use the internet (it's tempting but try not to). Go with the first song that comes to mind, change the answers to your own (can’t steal mine)"

Then it gives this list of categories:

* Something to Wear
* A Place
* An Animal
* A Number
* A Colour
* A Girl’s Name
* A Boy’s Name
* Profession
* Day of the week

Well, you know me. Music Challenge Accepted! Here's my answers - hopefully they'll give you a few songs to bop to and chase the Monday blues away.

* Something to Wear - RASPBERRY BERET - PRINCE (It's a music list by me so he had to feature somewhere and the colour one was too obvious)

* A Place - WESTERN ISLES - PEAT & DIESEL (Welcome to your new favourite Scottish band!)

* An Animal - EYE OF THE TIGER - SURVIVOR (this sticks in my mind because the start of the video always made my dad laugh)

* A Number - 99 LUFTBALLONS - NENA (or how to learn German without really trying)

* A Colour - PAINT IT BLACK - ROLLING STONES (the Stones were always FAR superior to the Beatles imho) 

* A Girl’s Name - ELOISE - THE DAMNED (my first ever "proper" gig that I went to on my own was The Damned just when this song was in the charts. Loved it then, love it now)

* A Boy’s Name - BILLY DON'T BE A HERO - PAPER LACE (me, showing my age [again! - Ed]. This has been an earworm for me since it first came out)

* Profession - DON'T FEAR THE REAPER - BLUE OYSTER CULT (Look, the school career guidance counsellor may not have mentioned the job of Reaper to you, but...)

* Day of the week - JUST ANOTHER MANIC MONDAY - THE BANGLES (yes, too obvious but it's a Prince song again so... )

Anyway, those are my choices, but have a go yourselves, just for fun. It’s harder than you think! [especially without Googling - Ed]

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