Comic - Easter Bun-Day

It's Easter Bun-day.... er... Monday and there's never been a better time to support your local Hot Cross Bunny as Issue 3 of The Incredible Bun is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter by the mad ones at Madius Comics...

Your family's favourite boxing bunny is back in a brand new all-ages MADIUS comic adventure from the collective of Sambrook, Packwood and Jones.

THE INCREDIBLE BUN follows the tale of a giant rabbit trying to make his way in a strange and confusing world. An ugly-duckling story overflowing with colourful characters, surprising twists n' turns and a whole lot of heart.

Bun never really fit in with his family, probably because he's about ten times larger than the rest of them. Feeling like an outcast and as though he didn't belong, he headed to the city to try and find his purpose in life. Things didn't exactly go to plan! Follow this charming Bun's journey into a city that's bright, loud and very, very confusing. He's going to need all the help he can get!

Still very much an all ages comic, Madius' own creative genius Mike Sambrook again takes on sole writing task for this, the third comic in the series, with his Madius mega-mate Rob Jones on lettering duties for this series. Also returning to the rabbit warren is artist Rosie Packwood whose work is just getting better and better as her comics portfolio grows and it's also great to welcome colourist Alexa Renee back to the Bun fight with her own incredible art skills. It's Alexa's artwork that graces the cover of this issue too (pictured at the top) in a blast of spring greens and purples that really catch the imagination.

Very little is being given away about the upcoming story this time, to the point that even some of the faces in the interior artwork pages being shared on the Kickstarter page are being covered up to avoid spoilers! Talk about an air of secrecy... [or is it just that everyone is wearing Bun masks for Easter? - Ed]

If you want to pre-order The Incredible Bun #3 though, and pick up some top perks along the way, you'd better be quick as the Kickstarter is already well underway. So what can you get for your hard earned bunny... er... money?

Of course you get the comic, in either digital or print format, along with the option to catch up with issues #1 and #2 in case you missed them [which, of course, you didn't, did you? - Ed] and there's the chance to get your paws on an incredibly limited edition Incredible Bun "eyebrows" water bottle [did we say it was incredible? - Ed] but the air of "Issue 3 secrecy" continues with the rest of the perks remaining a bit of a mystery [oooooh! - Ed.] There are bookmarks, pin badges and stickers, that much we do know but, according to the Kickstarter page, their designs remain a bit of a secret and "you'll have to read the issue to find out why!"

We're wondering if it has anything to do with these guys?!

To find out, HOP TO IT and support The Incredible Bun #3 on Kickstarter now.

Images - Madius Comics

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