Audio - Thunderbirds: Peril in Peru

Thunderbird 2 hovering over Inca pyramid with Parker, Lady Penelope and Scott Tracy

Thunderbirds are go with a FAB feature-length audiobook featuring a specially assembled cast coming next month from Anderson Entertainment and Big Finish Productions...

Press Release

Written by John Theydon and originally published under the title Calling Thunderbirds in 1966, the second Thunderbirds novel is now available to pre-order as a brand new, full cast audio adaptation.

In Peril in Peru, Thunderbirds are go as International Rescue, Lady Penelope and Parker combat the Hood, in a deadly quest for lost Inca treasure in the jungles of South America. 

An early warning of disaster brings International Rescue to Peru, to assist in relief efforts following a series of earth tremors - and sends the Thunderbirds in search of an ancient Inca treasure trove, hidden beneath a long-lost temple deep in the South American jungle.

When Lady Penelope is kidnapped by sinister treasure hunters, Scott Tracy and Parker are soon hot on their trail! Along the way they’ll have to solve a centuries-old mystery, brave the inhospitable wilderness of the jungle, and even tangle with a lost tribe - with the evil Hood close behind them all the way...

Jon Culshaw (Spitting Image, Dead Ringers) voices Jeff Tracy/Parker, while Genevieve Gaunt (Harry Potter, The Royals) brings to life Lady Penelope. The cast is completed by Wayne Forrester as Virgil Tracy/Brains/Narrator, Joe Jameson as Alan Tracy/Gordon Tracy, Justin T Lee as Scott Tracy/John Tracy/The Hood/Kyrano and Anna Leong Brophy as Tin-Tin.

Producer Jamie Anderson said: “I'm over the moon that the International Rescue team is back for another thrilling adventure! Our brilliant cast and crew have turned out another FAB adventure, full of all of the excitement, adventure and glamour you'd expect from a Thunderbirds story. I know Dad would have loved to hear these continuing adventures, and the entire team has done him proud once again!”

This audiobook, an adaptation of John Theydon's 1965 book Thunderbirds, is the second of Anderson Entertainment's new range of audio versions of classic Gerry Anderson stories from the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to a new licensing deal with ITV Studios.

Thunderbirds: Peril in Peru is now available to pre-order as a digital download, exclusively from It is also available as a four-CD box set that includes a behind-the-scenes documentary, alongside a hardcover reissue of the original book, exclusively from

An Anderson Entertainment production. The original tv series Thunderbirds was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Thunderbirds™ and © 1964, 1999 and 2021. ITC Entertainment Group Limited. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.
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