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Junta Yamaguchi's temporal paradox comedy Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes takes a trip to VOD from 25th January, thanks to Indiecan Entertainment...

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Kato is a middle-aged shop owner in Kyoto, Japan who lives above his café. He spends his free time playing in a local band and sometimes thinking about Megumi, the woman in the barbershop next door with whom Kato is infatuated. One evening, after closing up the café, Kato is in his room when suddenly he appears on his own TV screen and starts speaking.

"I'm the future me. Two minutes in the future."

The TV in Kato's room and the TV in the café below are somehow connected with a time difference of, yes, two minutes. Kato is understandably confused and sceptical, but things get really strange when he goes down to the café computer, sees himself sitting back in his room, and begins to deliver the same message he heard two minutes before. It’s not long before Kato’s friends discover the phenomenon, which they dub “Time TV,” and devise a plan to go beyond the infinite two minutes.

Junta Yamaguchi's directorial debut, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes had its world premiere at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, beginning a global tour of critical and audience acclaim. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes was produced by Kazuchika Yoshida and Takahiro Otsuki, with Junta Yamaguchi directing from a script by Makoto Ueda. The film made its North American premiere at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, followed by a wildly successful UK premiere at London's Arrow Video FrightFest and a US Premiere at Austin's Fantastic Fest. 

The timewarped workplace comedy will be available on a number of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, iNDemand and DISH in North America, beginning January 25th.

[Below is the trailer for the film from its premiere at BIFF - Ed]

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