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Director Seth Breedlove and his team at Small Town Monsters are raising funds for production of four new feature-length documentaries on Cryptids and the paranormal. Find out more about their current crowdfunding campaign...

Here at The DreamCage, we've been following the fortunes of Small Town Monsters for several years now, with Steve reviewing documentaries on UFO's, skinwalkers, even Bigfoot itself, so we were tremendously excited to see that they are crowdfunding to produce FOUR new documentaries this year.

First up is the follow-up to 2021's On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky; On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors. This instalment in the series will follow Shannon LeGro as she heads to the birthplace of the animal mutilation phenomenon, the state of Colorado. Filmed back in September of 2021, the funds raised from this year's campaign will assist with completing post-production on this project.

Next up is something new from "STM". An ambitious look at the Dogman phenomenon through the eyes of witnesses and those most closely associated with it; American Werewolves. This terrifying, true-life horror story is told through in-depth interviews with numerous people who have experienced hair raising encounters with massive, bipedal canids in the heartlands of America.

The tentpole "legend" film from director, Seth Breedlove, Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse will be up after that but they're keeping some of the details of this one close to the vest for the time being but suffice to say, there are plans on "upping the ante" to what has gone before in their documentary explorations of cryptids in the past.

Finally this coming year, On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Last Frontier sees Seth Breedlove head to Alaska in search of Sasquatch. This fifth chapter in the "Bigfoot" series will be the most ambitious project this far, and will help to lift the veil on an overlooked piece of the hairy hominid puzzle.

So, now that you know what they plan to do with the cash raised, what do you get in return for your investment? As well as getting all four of the documentaries themselves as either Digital copies or DVD/Blu-ray discs, there's the chance to pick up posters of the documentary cover art, get badges, t-shirts, even a Small Town Monsters hoodie AND to see your name in the credits of the documentaries as a backer. The biggest investment garners the biggest reward though and there are only very limited stocks available if you want to get your hands on one of the stunning Jersey Devil statuettes, a signed Giclée canvas print of the crowdfunding poster (pictured at the top of this article) or to be listed as a producer of one of the documentaries.

The great news is that Small Town Monsters' crowdfunding total was reached within 90 minutes of the campaign going live yesterday, so the projects will definitely be going ahead but there is still time to get involved and maybe pick up one of their intriguing stretch goal rewards in the process. 

Watch the campaign video below and then please support Small Town Monsters so that they can venture even further into the unknown!

The Kickstarter campaign for Small Town Monsters runs until 5th March

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