Comic - Altiplano Vol 3: Pilcuyo

Once again, Susan Omand heads for the highlands (of Peru!) as she read PILCUYO, Volume 3 of the Altiplano series by Gustaffo Vargas...

Early last year, I read the second volume of a three-part story of Peruvian Cyberpunk [read Susan’s review of Puno here – Ed] and in my article I said how much I was looking forward to the final part of Gustaffo Vargas’ epic tale. Well, that time has come as Pilcuyo, volume 3 of the Altiplano trilogy, is now out [in Digital format with print format coming soon - Ed] and it doesn’t disappoint.

What I will say, though, is that this final volume is, obviously, not a jumping on point for the Altiplano story, as you do need to know what has gone before because we jump straight into a very important discussion with two of the characters but, if you’re all caught up, this is a fantastic finale. There is action a-plenty, a lot of it incredibly violent, but the characters are so well written and engaging that there is a real heart to the story too. The plot really puts the reader through the ringer as you root for first one character then another, and there is a measure of heartbreak as well as satisfaction come the last page.

The artwork is still wonderful, as you would expect, and it adds a lot to the story-telling as there are several pages where there is no dialogue at all, just sound effects and visuals, which are very effective. I especially liked the transition between the end of a bloody battle and a view out over the jungle where the “crack crack” of gunfire becomes a “kaa kaa” of peacefully flying parrots. Simply superb!

The panel layouts this time too, very much a skill in themselves, are probably the best in the trilogy with a great variety of shape and flow, always engaging but never confusing, and they, along with the beautifully shaded colours, add significantly to the richness of the book. There are pages here that I would happily put on my wall as art.

So if you haven’t jumped into the world of Peruvian cyberpunk before, I’d say that this is your perfect opportunity to binge-read the full set now the trilogy has been completed.

Pilcuyo and all the other Peruvian Cyberpunk books can be bought at:

Images - courtesy Gustaffo Vargas

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