SotD - Saturday Throwback: I'll Be There For You

Song of the Day Saturday Throwback is some music from back in the day to kick off your weekend in style. This week Steve Taylor-Bryant drinks gin and widdles to Bon Jovi...

Every once in a while I drink too much and start singing loudly and pretending be a string widdler. It's fun to do, just let your hair down and rock out, screech at the top of your lungs whilst wielding your imaginary Fender. Try it. It's brilliant, right up to the point a security man puts his big hand on your shoulder and informs you it's a real guitar and you're in a music shop and people are scared. My choice of music to scare an entire town with is the Frank Sinatra of my generation; Bon Jovi.

I know that's quite a comparison but honestly I've deeply researched this, if by research you accept "drank lots of gin" and "imagined Jon singing Frank songs and vice versa". It works though. Jon Bon Jovi has a crooner's voice and, if you strip away the stadium rock shenanigans and leaping around, you can almost hear him singing Chicago or Fly Me to the Moon. Frank Sinatra on the other hand is more than capable (or was but I don't live in reality) of carrying off Bed of Roses, or Always...

Or the song that gets me thrown out of shops and up in front of a judge - I'll Be There For You.

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