Gaming - Let's Play Samurai Riot Part 7: The Black Level

The Defective Inspector... er... Defective Samurai decides he likes the game in part 7 of his Let's Play video for Samurai Riot...

"I've got a grenade in my pocket"... or is he just pleased to see us?

Samurai Riot is an addictive, 2D, side scrolling, beat’em up inspired by 90’s classics, with original co-op features and a multi-branching, moral decision making, storyline leading to eight different endings. Take on the role of Sukane, an enigmatic Ninja who fights alongside with Azu, the fox - who can transform into weapons; or Tsurumaru, a loyal samurai with a katana and a bunch of grenades, and set off on an adventure in a hand-painted 2D universe immersed in Japanese mythology. Would you rather kill the rebel leader or betray your master and join the revolution?

In Part 7, the Defective Samurai gets stabbed in the face, destroys some antique furniture and discovers he can't fight an actual Samurai... but does he complete the game?

Find Samurai Riot on Steam at

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Image - Wako Factory

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