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Eddie Izzard and Judi Dench in a 1930s car

Based on true events, and premiering on Sky Cinema and Now TV in the UK next month, watch the trailer for Six Minutes to Midnight...

Press Release

Summer 1939, Hitler’s power is growing and tensions between the UK and Germany are at boiling point. The Augusta Victoria College, a finishing school for daughters and god-daughters of the Nazi elite on the south-coast of England, is under close scrutiny after the mysterious disappearance of their teacher Mr Wheatley.

The school governess, Miss Rocholl (Judi Dench), hires journeyman teacher Thomas Miller (Eddie Izzard) to replace Wheatley and help prepare the girls for the Anglo-German fellowship. Thomas slowly raises the suspicions of Ilse Keller (Carla Juri), the girls’ German tutor, who has secrets of her own. Caught in the crossfires, Thomas is framed for murder and goes on the run to clear his name and uncover Ilse’s true plan for the girls. Can he stop her before it’s too late?

Six Minutes to Midnight is a period thriller inspired by real events, directed by Andy Goddard (Downton Abbey, Carnival Row, Set Fire to the Stars) and starring Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench and Jim Broadbent alongside Carla Juri, David Schofield, James D’Arcy and Celyn Jones. Written by Celyn Jones (Set Fire to the Stars, The Vanishing), Eddie Izzard and Andy Goddard, the film is produced by Andy Evans, Ade Shannon and Sean Marley for Mad as Birds, along with Laure Vaysse for Motion Picture Capital and Sarah Townsend for Ella Communications. Zygi Kamasa and Emma Berkofsky are Executive Producers for Lionsgate UK along with Pauline Burt and Adam Partridge for Ffilm Cymru Wales and Christina Papagjika and Matt Salloway for West Madison Entertainment.

Six Minutes to Midnight comes to Now TV and Sky Cinema on 26th March 2021.

Image - Mad as Birds Productions
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