Project Meltzer - Introduction

Steve Taylor-Bryant has taken on a reading challenge. However, for some reason, he's been allowed to pick his own subject for this challenge, so he's gone for something he will actually enjoy! Welcome to Project Meltzer...

I’ve enjoyed reading some reviews on Goodreads where the reviewer is going back and reading every novel by a particular author, I’ve seen people work their way through the entire bibliography of Stephen King, what a task that is, our very own Tony Cross read all of Ian Fleming’s Bond stories and I wanted to have a go. I like lots of books, various genres, but the most consistent author I’ve ever read is the incredible Brad Meltzer so I’m taking on his back catalogue.

Brad Meltzer mixes history, conspiracy, fact and fiction and all his novels have spent time on the New York Times Bestseller List. Meltzer also hosts Decoded, and Lost History for the History channel where his show was responsible for the safe return of the 9/11 flag that firefighters had raised. Brad Meltzer writes comic books, and a wonderful series of children’s book where he aims to get children interested in historical figures including Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln.

It’s eleven or twelve full length novels, I’m not doing the children’s books but you have young children and want to get them interested in historical figures then I suggest you do, and I’m not rereading the non fiction, although my review is in our archive somewhere. I’m also not going to do them in release order except for The Culper Ring collection. Here’s the list for those of you that might be interested. It will be updated as I go...

The Tenth Justice - READ STEVE'S REVIEW
Dead Even
The First Counsel - READ STEVE'S REVIEW
The Millionaires
The Zero Game
The Book of Fate - READ STEVE'S REVIEW
The Book of Lies - READ STEVE'S REVIEW
The Inner Circle (Culper Ring #1)
The Fifth Assassin (Culper Ring #2)
The President’s Shadow (Culper Ring #3)
The House of Secrets
The Escape Artist

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