Hallow-vent Calendar 2019

We love Halloween here at DreamCage. We also love interactive clicky stuff, so we've thought of a way to combine the two and give you a fun countdown to Halloween. David Ames explains more...

It is that time once again, faithful readers, for us to don our proverbial witch’s hats and climb upon this digital broomstick as we progress into the fourth year of our annual Hallow-vent calendar. In the past we have covered an amalgam of different genres and types of horror: vampires, slashers, originals and remakes. This year, however, I wanted to make a list that was accessible to the masses out there in our shared digital world. This year, I turn to Netflix for my source of inspiration and horror for October. Here we will be tackling all 31 films, with a mix of Netflix original films, and other streamable options. Also, thrown randomly into the mix this year will be a few anime movies/series (sadly the only non-streamable options) that are also based in the horror genre. I am also going to approach the reviews a bit differently this year. I will list all of the pertinent information in the beginning, and avoid too much plot summary, instead focusing just on the positives and negatives. Strap in, crank up the surround sound, throw every ounce of candy corn you have into the trash, and enjoy this year’s Netflix-based Hallow-vent Calendar.

Click on today's date number to read the latest Hallow-vent entry. You can find 2016's Hallow-vent Calendar HERE, 2017's HERE and 2018's HERE

Day 1 - The Ritual
Day 2 - St Agatha
Day 3 - The Heretics
Day 4 - Another
Day 5 - Head Count
Day 6 - The Bye Bye Man
Day 7 - Mercy Black
Day 8 - The Basement
Day 9 - Tusk
Day 10 - The Disappointments Room
Day 11 - The Blackcoat's Daughter
Day 12 - XX
Day 13 - The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Day 14 - The Babysitter
Day 15 - Apostle
Day 16 - Malevolent
Day 17 - The Silence
Day 18 - In The Tall Grass
Day 19 - Before I Wake
Day 20 - I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
Day 21 - Ánimas
Day 22 - Perfect Blue
Day 23 - Eli
Day 24 - Errementari
Day 25 - Hypersomnia
Day 26 - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Day 27 - Cargo
Day 28 - The Influence
Day 29 - Sinister
Day 30 - Sinister 2
Day 31 - The Haunting of Hill House

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