Classic Doctor Who on BritBox

On 26th December 2019, 627 pieces of Doctor Who Classic content were made available to Britbox subscribers. This tally includes a mix of episodes, spin-offs, documentaries, telesnaps as well as many rarely-seen treasures.

129 complete stories, which totals 558 episodes spanning the first eight Doctors from William Hartnell to Paul McGann, form the backbone of the collection. Also included are four complete stories; The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase, The Ice Warriors and The Invasion, which feature a combination of original content and animation and total 22 episodes. An unaired story entitled Shada which was originally presented as six episodes (but has been uploaded as a 130 minute special), brings this total to 28. A further two complete, solely animated stories - The Power Of The Daleks and The Macra Terror (presented in HD) - add 10 episodes. Five orphaned episodes - The Crusade (2 parts), Galaxy 4, The Space Pirates and The Celestial Toymaker - bring the total up to 600. Doctor Who: The Movie, An Unearthly Child: The Pilot Episode and An Adventure In Space And Time will also be available on the service, in addition to The Underwater Menace, The Wheel In Space and The Web Of Fear which have been completed via telesnaps. Spin-off drama K-9 And Company, and documentaries More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS and Doctor Who: Doctors Revisited complete the collection.

If watched back-to-back without stopping to eat, drink or sleep (NB this is not recommended) it would take a committed viewer around 272 hours or over 11 days to watch everything, assuming no access to a TARDIS of course.

BritBox have also curated special Doctor Who Classic collections, including ‘New to Who’, featuring one key episode from each of the first seven Doctors as an introduction to the uninitiated. Further collections are devoted to the most memorable monsters, with Cybermen, Daleks, The Master and Sontaran each getting the limelight. Regeneration episodes have also been collated.

Boxing Day 2019 also marked the start of a longer term collaboration with the BBC, with a shared vision of making BritBox the ultimate home of Doctor Who Classic content in 2020 and beyond, and ensuring the widest collection of content available is presented in the best possible format and quality.

Reemah Sakaan, Group Director ITV SVOD, said "BritBox becoming the first complete digital home of Doctor Who Classic creates a special opportunity for fans and streamers across the UK. We are looking forward to expanding the collection even further by working with the show creators to lovingly restore lost and previously unavailable episodes in the months to come and offering a truly exclusive experience."

Sally de St Croix, Franchise Director for Doctor Who at BBC Studios added: “It’s thrilling to partner with BritBox and see all this amazing Doctor Who Classic content congregate in one place where subscribers can stream to their hearts’ content – some experiencing the show for the first time whilst others will simply be enjoying it all over again.”

About BritBox

BritBox is a digital video subscription service created by the BBC and ITV. The service brings the very best in past, present and future British programming and award-winning content to viewers all in one place for £5.99 per month in HD. British TV boxsets from All 4 and British films from Film 4 will launch on the service in 2020. BritBox also includes high quality factual and entertainment content from Channel 5 plus original British comedies from Comedy Central UK. It features the biggest collection of British content available on any streaming service as well as brand new specially-created commissions. BritBox also offers expert curation and playlists that enable viewers to easily find programmes they know and discover new favourites via web, mobile, tablet, connected TVs and Chromecast. 

The Rescue (2 Episodes)
The Romans (4 Episodes)
The Web Planet (6 Episodes)

The Crusade (2 Episodes)
The Space Museum (4 Episodes)
The Chase (6 Episodes)

The Time Meddler (4 Episodes)
Galaxy 4 (1 Episode)
The Ark (4 Episodes)

The Celestial Toymaker (1 Episode)
The Gunfighters (4 Episodes)
The War Machines (4 Episodes)

The Tenth Planet (4 Episodes)
The Power Of The Daleks (6 Episodes)
The Underwater Menace (4 Episodes)

The Moonbase (4 Episodes)
The Macra Terror (4 Episodes)
The Tomb Of The Cybermen (4 Episodes)

The Ice Warriors (6 Episodes)
The Enemy Of The World (6 Episodes)
The Web Of Fear (6 Episodes)

The Wheel In Space (6 Episodes)
The Dominators (5 Episodes)
The Mind Robber (5 Episodes)

The Invasion (8 Episodes)
The Krotons (4 Episodes)
The Seeds Of Death (6 Episodes)

The Space Pirates (1 Episode)
The War Games (10 Episodes)
Spearhead From Space (4 Episodes)

The Silurians (7 Episodes)
The Ambassadors Of Death (7 Episodes)
Inferno (7 Episodes)

Terror Of The Autons (4 Episodes)
The Mind Of Evil (6 Episodes)
The Claws Of Axos (4 Episodes)

Colony In Space (6 Episodes)
The Daemons (5 Episodes)
Day Of The Daleks (4 Episodes)

The Curse Of Peladon (4 Episodes)
The Sea Devils (6 Episodes)
The Mutants (6 Episodes)

The Time Monster (6 Episodes)
The Three Doctors (4 Episodes)
Carnival Of Monsters (4 Episodes)

Frontier In Space (6 Episodes)
Planet Of The Daleks (6 Episodes)
The Green Death (6 Episodes)

The Time Warrior (4 Episodes)
Invasion Of The Dinosaurs (6 Episodes)
Death To The Daleks (4 Episodes)

The Monster Of Peladon (6 Episodes)
Planet Of The Spiders (6 Episodes)
Robot (4 Episodes)

The Ark In Space (4 Episodes)
The Sontaran Experiment (2 Episodes)
Genesis Of The Daleks (6 Episodes)

Revenge Of The Cybermen (4 Episodes)
Terror Of The Zygons (4 Episodes)
Planet Of Evil (4 Episodes)

Pyramids Of Mars (4 Episodes)
The Android Invasion (4 Episodes)
The Brain Of Morbius (4 Episodes)

The Seeds Of Doom (6 Episodes)
The Masque Of Mandragora (4 Episodes)
The Hand Of Fear (4 Episodes)

The Deadly Assassin (4 Episodes)
The Face Of Evil (4 Episodes)
The Robots Of Death (4 Episodes)

The Talons Of Weng-Chiang (6 Episodes)
Horror Of Fang Rock (4 Episodes)
The Invisible Enemy (4 Episodes)

Image Of The Fendahl (4 Episodes)
The Sun Makers (4 Episodes)
Underworld (4 Episodes)

The Invasion Of Time (6 Episodes)
The Ribos Operation (4 Episodes)
The Pirate Planet (4 Episodes)

The Stones Of Blood (4 Episodes)
The Androids Of Tara (4 Episodes)
The Power Of Kroll (4 Episodes)

The Armageddon Factor (6 Episodes)
Destiny Of The Daleks (4 Episodes)
City Of Death (4 Episodes)

The Creature From The Pit (4 Episodes)
Nightmare Of Eden (4 Episodes)
The Horns Of Nimon (4 Episodes)

Shada (6 Episodes) - [no, we don't have a review of this one... yet.]
The Leisure Hive (4 Episodes)
Meglos (4 Episodes)

Full Circle (4 Episodes) 
State Of Decay (4 Episodes)
Warriors' Gate (4 Episodes)

The Keeper Of Traken (4 Episodes)
Logopolis (4 Episodes)
Castrovalva (4 Episodes)

Four To Doomsday (4 Episodes)
Kinda (4 Episodes)
The Visitation (4 Episodes)

Black Orchid (2 Episodes)
Earthshock (4 Episodes)
Time-Flight (4 Episodes)

Arc Of Infinity (4 Episodes)
Snakedance (4 Episodes)
Mawdryn Undead (4 Episodes)

Terminus (4 Episodes)
Enlightenment (4 Episodes)
The King's Demons (2 Episodes)

The Five Doctors (1 Episode)
Warriors Of The Deep (4 Episodes)
The Awakening (2 Episodes)

Frontios (4 Episodes)
Resurrection Of The Daleks (2 Episodes)
Planet Of Fire (4 Episodes)

The Caves Of Androzani (4 Episodes)
The Twin Dilemma (4 Episodes)
Attack Of The Cybermen (2 Episodes)

Vengeance On Varos (2 Episodes)
The Mark Of The Rani (2 Episodes)
The Two Doctors (3 Episodes)

Timelash (2 Episodes)
Revelation Of The Daleks (2 Episodes)
The Trial Of A Time Lord (14 Episodes)

Also available

An Adventure In Space And Time (1 Episode)
The Doctors Revisited (7 Episodes)
K9 And Company (1 Episode)
More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS - Documentary
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